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Making Dallas Even Better

The Localist: Dr. Sue’s Cherry Pecan Bark

Dark chocolate consumption is a bona fide guilty pleasure of mine that I partake in regularly. In preparation for the upcoming Easter holiday, I have spent a great deal of time visiting some of the city’s most popular chocolatiers to stock up on gifts. Last weekend while visiting downtown McKinney, I made one of my favorite discoveries to date: the dark chocolate bark line from Dr. Sue’s Chocolate.

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Haven’t Made Easter Brunch Reservations Yet? It’s Not Too Late…

That headline is meant to assuage my fear of eating at In-N-Out after Sunday service since I haven’t made my reservation yet. Have you? I have a feeling I won’t be eating a dainty Easter brunch like the rest of the non-procrastinators. Well, don’t let my sad life prevent you from changing the course of […]

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Where to Take Your Mother-in-Law for Easter Brunch in Dallas

My favorite memory of Easter is not actually mine. It’s David Sedaris’. Way back when Sedaris was in France, he enrolled in an university to study French. The instructor once asked the class, “And what does one do on Easter? Would anyone like to tell us?” This is when Sedaris attempted to explain to a […]

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