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Making Dallas Even Better

Easy Recipes to Rescue Thanksgiving Day Leftovers

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, your kitchen is a mess, and the leftovers from your blowout meal are taking up all of the space in your already crammed refrigerator. Don’t panic. These easy recipes will help make your dry, day-old stuffing and stale bread taste new again while clearing some space in the icebox. As for the messy kitchen? Sorry, you’re on your own with that.

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Dallasites Share Their Freaky Food Phobias

I don’t remember how or when the fear of fruit stickers crept into my life. But I’ve had an irrational fear of accidentally eating a sticker since I was very young. The thought of biting into a crisp apple or ripe tomato and getting a tacky piece of paper stuck in my teeth — or worse, throat — makes me cringe. My arms are filling up with goosebumps as I’m writing this. My phobia is so bad that my husband has to remove all of the stickers from our fruits and vegetables before putting them in the refrigerator’s crisper drawer or glass bowls on the kitchen counter.

I’ve shared my aversion with many people, and it’s usually met with a “If you think that’s weird, then listen to this!” So, in honor of Halloween, to air the skeletons in our pantries, I asked a handful of Dallas chefs, restaurateurs, food writers, publicists, and photographers to share their deepest and darkest food phobias.

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Where to Celebrate National Doughnut Day in Dallas

On days like National Doughnut Day (think Thanksgiving and the entire Christmas-cookie-season) calories don’t count. Since it’s such a momentous occasion, you might wonder why the government isn’t establishing a three-day weekend. I had the same thought. Alas, let’s head off to work — only this time wielding a doughnut in hand and two dozen in the passenger’s seat for co-workers. Or just yourself. It’s also No Judgment Day.

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