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Making Dallas Even Better

Where to Celebrate National Onion Rings Day in Dallas

There’s a national holiday for everything so it should come as no surprise to find out that there is a national holiday for onion rings. That’s right, National Onion Rings Day is celebrated every year on June 22. To make things even more interesting, historians believe cooks from a local drive-in restaurant, Pig Stand–which was established in Oak Cliff–created the onion ring in the 1920s.

Although Pig Stand no longer exists, the onion ring has grown to become an American staple. So whether you like your onion rings fried, beer battered, or dipped in ranch dressing, here is a list of places to get your crunch on during National Onion Rings Day.

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Where to Celebrate National Doughnut Day in Dallas 2016

Sometimes all you need to make your morning great is to dive into a dozen of fresh, sprinkled-covered doughnuts. Fortunately, every year we have an excuse to indulge in these wonderful sweet treats—judgment free—as we celebrate National Doughnut Day. Besides making us incredibly happy and giving us an excuse to stuff our faces, this holiday serves a greater purpose. National Doughnut Day was established by the Salvation Army to commemorate the “Doughnut Lassies” who provided doughnuts and treats to soldiers on the front lines during World War I.

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Cheese as Valentine

This time of year, while people are placing orders for roses and chocolates, I’m thinking about cheese. Case in point: when I visited the new Scardello outpost at the Dallas Farmers Market building last week, my questions were all about cheese, with a vision for Valentine’s Day. Did they have Neufchatel, that wonderful heart-shaped cheese […]

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