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Making Dallas Even Better

Deal for New Herrera’s Location on Maple Avenue Falls Through

Oh, holy horrors. Herrera’s Cafe has backed out of a deal for a new location on Maple Avenue. They can’t afford to stay. Crow Holdings? Are you listening? We don’t like this.

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To Detect and Serve: The Wild Detectives Brews Excellent Coffee

Now that Matthew McConaughey’s taut, sinewy body is done brain-screwing us with his apathetic, brooding intensity, it’s time to turn our affections to the new detectives in town. The Wild Detectives opened last month inside a small house just east of the Bishop Arts District at 314 West Eighth Street. It’s snuggled in between neighboring houses, and there’s a little Chihuahua next door with a surly attitude towards visitors. He keeps his distance, though.

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Italian Restaurant, Bocce’s, to Open Inside the Bishop Arts District Mid-February

David Rice, a man who’s been working in the restaurant business for 15 years, has always fantasized having his own Italian restaurant with an indoor bocce court.

“At our family gatherings, we always ended up playing bocce,” says Rice. “To me it means, friends, family, and tradition.”

His dream of having a bocce team comprised of staff and customers is bound to become a reality; but for now, the bocce court idea is still a work-in-progress. Rice is still waiting for circumstances to pan out before that portion of the plan is realized. Meanwhile, Rice and his mom, Donna, have the Italian food part down.

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Into Shelley’s Belly: The Truck Yard Adds Coolness to Greenville Avenue

It’s happening, witches.* However you pipe the pony, there’s good news for all of you. The Truck Yard is now open and it’s so cool that people visiting Austin will start saying, “This feels like Dallas.” Lower Greenville is blossoming like a case of the chilly-willies after a moonlight mushroom dance with Edgar Cayce. Great restaurants […]

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The Nine Best Mom and Pop Tex-Mex Restaurants in Dallas

Former D Magazine editor Mary Brown Malouf and I ate our way across town looking for the best one-location-only Tex-Mex joints. We conquered 17 joints in 7 days. Here are our top ten. Yes, we know Tejano was sold after we went to press and no we don’t feel bad leaving Mia’s off the list. […]

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Eat This Now: Pork Guisado from La Nueva Fresh and Hot in Dallas

I’ve done a decent amount of travel around Dallas as part of my own personal taco crusade.  But unfortunately, my taco radar is pretty much dark across the taco dense region just east of Harry Hines and north of Northwest Highway.  A few establishments have crossed my path in this area, but one experience in […]

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Where to Get a Taste of Mardi Gras in Dallas

Cajun food is soul food. There’s nothing better than chowing down on a bowl of gumbo or crawfish etouffee that makes your insides feel warm and gooey – which is exactly how I spent Mardi Gras in New Orleans last year. I ate fried oyster po’ boys and laughed at all the drunk people. I […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day: Off-Site Kitchen in Dallas is Open for Business

Nick Badovinus and chef Dan Riley have been hunkered down for over a year developing the menu and creating all kinds of delicious roasted meats for Off-Site Kitchen. Today he is finally opening the doors! Now, hold your horses. The dining room is tiny. Off-Site Kitchen is basically a take-out restaurant with a few stools […]

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An Open Letter to Chef DAT

Dear Chef DAT, Who are you? I’ve been getting press releases from you for a long time but for the life of me I can’t remember meeting you. I do understand that you live underground and you cook a lot there as well, but do you ever actually come out during the day? You talk […]

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Fire at Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse On Inwood Road in Dallas

From Sonny Bryan’s: Last night at approximately 11:00PM, a small fire broke out in two unattached storage sheds behind the main building at the original location of Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse on Inwood Road.The Dallas Fire Department was able to put out the fire before it spread, but the two side doors to the restaurant were […]

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What Would Happen if Women Opened Restaurants With Male Body Parts as Themes

‘Scuse me while I saddle up my high horse. Am I the only woman who is concerned about the sudden surge in Breastaurants. I mean really 35 additional Twin Peaks? A bar opening in downtown called The Spread Eagle? Seriously boys? How would you like to take your daughter into one of the restaurant’s the […]

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Seafood Shack: Surefire Cure for the Monday-Night Blues

There’s about to be an angry mob with torches and pitchforks outside my cubicle, ready to string me up for disclosing their favorite hole-in-the-wall: Seafood Shack. Blame D’s director of online media, Julie Blacklidge Kinzie, for grabbing me at our Monday morning meeting to rave about the ceviche and margaritas. jump for more..

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