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Making Dallas Even Better

Snarky Dallas and Fort Worth Food News Briefs

Today’s edition of Snarky Dallas and Fort Worth Food News Briefs includes sad bar news, how to spell doughnut, and insight into the next hipster Asian food trend.

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Should Monkey King Noodle Co. Switch From Hand-Pulled Noodles to a Machine?

Monkey King Noodle Co., the tiny food stand in Deep Ellum that boasts hand-pulled noodles, is experiencing a slight demand and supply problem these days. Demand has increased, but supply has stayed the same. Owners Michelle Midyette, Andrew Chen, and Michael Chen have toyed with the thought of buying a machine that will increase noodle production, but they’re not sure if this is the best way for the restaurant to grow. After all, it’s their first business together.

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CrushCraft Thai Offers Cheap Street Eats, Opens Monday, Jan. 27

Back when we announced CrushCraft Thai’s January opening at 2800 Routh Street, we were excited about the idea of casual street food going into Uptown. (Uptown! Of all places.) Now that CrushCraft Thai is built, it’s settling nicely inside its Quadrangle nest. The interior, designed by Jones Baker, is designed to have an “open-air market feel” to the space.

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Three Places to Eat Korean Fried Chicken in Dallas (Besides Bonchon)

Bonchon Chicken let us all down, sure. We were all hyped up until it opened. Then we tried it. Then we told each other it was meh. Now Bonchon, the Korean fried chicken chain, is reorganizing itself to up its quality levels.

Meanwhile, our cravings haven’t been satisfied. We’re still hangry as heck for Korean fried chicken. It’s been a trendy food in NYC for awhile, but Dallas is just starting to get a taste for it.

The solution? These three spots in Carrollton and Dallas, where the chicken is served crispy, crunchy, tender, bready, and good. It’s all you’ve ever wanted from Bonchon. And more. Check out these relatively unknown places to get Korean fried chicken while you’re waiting for Bonchon to get their brains together.

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My Top 10 Cheap Bites of 2013 in Dallas-Fort Worth

Everyone who knows me (especially D Magazine people who observe my snacking habits like a zoo animal. Ahem.) know that I’m not a fine-dining person. I love fine-dining, sure. But in my element, I am a cheap eater. I was born on a budget, I live on a budget, and I like to save money like it’s nobody’s business. Some may even describe it as a fault.

A good meal under $10 can make me the happiest person alive.

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Teiichi Sakurai Will Open a Ramen Shop in Sylvan|Thirty Called ‘Ten’

Ages ago—too long ago for most of y’all to remember—I wrote that Teiichi Sakurai would be opening a fish market at Sylvan|Thirty, the mixed-use development in West Dallas/North Oak Cliff. (It’s currently being erected as I type this.) Well, forget what I said earlier about the fish market. That’s not happening anymore. Sakurai has switched […]

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Miss Chi Vietnamese Brings Home-Cooked Asian Cuisine to Preston Center

Prolific restaurateurs Joey and Chi Le are at it, again. A little over a month ago, they opened Dallas’ first dedicated ramen shop, Tanoshii, in Deep Ellum. In mid-August, they shut down their second location of Wicked Po’ Boys in Preston Center and decided to re-concept the whole shebang. Now signage is up for Miss Chi […]

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First Take: Monkey King Noodle Co. in Deep Ellum

Back when my dad was growing up in Taiwan, noodle makers were considered blue collar workers. It was family tradition to pass down the trade from father to son, son to grandson. But this back-breaking work wasn’t an enviable job. Now, in today’s age of fancy technology, noodle makers are hard to find, especially when […]

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First Look: Tanoshii Ramen in Deep Ellum

Tanoshii, Tanoshii, Tanoshii. It’s all that’s on everybody’s lips these days. Okay, maybe just mine. But you have to admit that Dallas’ first ramen shop is a pretty exciting event. Pizza (meh), burgers (meh), but a brand new place for noodles? Yeahhh. Yesterday, as soon as the clock hit 4:30 p.m., I raced out of […]

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