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Making Dallas Even Better

Tom Spicer Sells His Crops From New Digs Next to Garden Cafe

There are gardeners and there are those who truly understand agriculture. Tom Spicer has been an agricultural force in this area for over 30 years. Most people know him as that wacky guy tending the garden behind the shoddy building on Fitzhugh next to Urbano and Jimmy’s. After losing his space on Fitzhugh, he’s selling out of the Garden Cafe.

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To Detect and Serve: The Wild Detectives Brews Excellent Coffee

Now that Matthew McConaughey’s taut, sinewy body is done brain-screwing us with his apathetic, brooding intensity, it’s time to turn our affections to the new detectives in town. The Wild Detectives opened last month inside a small house just east of the Bishop Arts District at 314 West Eighth Street. It’s snuggled in between neighboring houses, and there’s a little Chihuahua next door with a surly attitude towards visitors. He keeps his distance, though.

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Orbit Releases New BBQ-Flavored Gum, Inspired by Pecan Lodge

Here’s a funny story that hit my inbox this morning.

Orbit, as you know, makes gum. The head-head-tippy-top food scientist of the company is a guy named Henry O’Brien, who lives in Peoria, IL (where Wrigley is based). But he’s actually from Dallas.

I know. Mind explosion. Or can we say, BBQ explosion?

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Fried and True: Pier 247 Brings Seafood to Bishop Arts District

When the oil is hot at Pier 247 Seafood Grill & Bar, you want to be around.

The secret to this old gas station building at Davis and Madison—which opens for its first dinner tonight—is Pier 247’s two chefs, John Fleming and Ty Frazier, and a deep fryer. They love Cajun food, and they love to feed people.

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CrushCraft Thai Offers Cheap Street Eats, Opens Monday, Jan. 27

Back when we announced CrushCraft Thai’s January opening at 2800 Routh Street, we were excited about the idea of casual street food going into Uptown. (Uptown! Of all places.) Now that CrushCraft Thai is built, it’s settling nicely inside its Quadrangle nest. The interior, designed by Jones Baker, is designed to have an “open-air market feel” to the space.

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Italian Restaurant, Bocce’s, to Open Inside the Bishop Arts District Mid-February

David Rice, a man who’s been working in the restaurant business for 15 years, has always fantasized having his own Italian restaurant with an indoor bocce court.

“At our family gatherings, we always ended up playing bocce,” says Rice. “To me it means, friends, family, and tradition.”

His dream of having a bocce team comprised of staff and customers is bound to become a reality; but for now, the bocce court idea is still a work-in-progress. Rice is still waiting for circumstances to pan out before that portion of the plan is realized. Meanwhile, Rice and his mom, Donna, have the Italian food part down.

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My Top 10 Cheap Bites of 2013 in Dallas-Fort Worth

Everyone who knows me (especially D Magazine people who observe my snacking habits like a zoo animal. Ahem.) know that I’m not a fine-dining person. I love fine-dining, sure. But in my element, I am a cheap eater. I was born on a budget, I live on a budget, and I like to save money like it’s nobody’s business. Some may even describe it as a fault.

A good meal under $10 can make me the happiest person alive.

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A Day in Denton: Breakfast and Lunch (Part I)

It’s a little crazy how close Denton is from Dallas. But 40 miles somehow translates into a million light years away. If we’re honest with ourselves, Denton really deserves more from all you I-don’t-venture-above-635-people. This artsy college town has transformed from a No Man’s Land to a thriving food scene in the last 13 years. […]

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First Take: Monkey King Noodle Co. in Deep Ellum

Back when my dad was growing up in Taiwan, noodle makers were considered blue collar workers. It was family tradition to pass down the trade from father to son, son to grandson. But this back-breaking work wasn’t an enviable job. Now, in today’s age of fancy technology, noodle makers are hard to find, especially when […]

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Reverie Bakeshop in Richardson is Open, Makes Vegan and Gluten-Free Goodies

Nancy Castillo and Racene Mendoza couldn’t be happier. These two friends opened Reverie Bakershop together in Richardson on Monday, September 23; and their vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free treats have been flying off the shelves ever since. Even after working 19-hour days, the owners maintain a chipper attitude and proudly describe that first hectic day when there […]

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Into Shelley’s Belly: The Truck Yard Adds Coolness to Greenville Avenue

It’s happening, witches.* However you pipe the pony, there’s good news for all of you. The Truck Yard is now open and it’s so cool that people visiting Austin will start saying, “This feels like Dallas.” Lower Greenville is blossoming like a case of the chilly-willies after a moonlight mushroom dance with Edgar Cayce. Great restaurants […]

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Urban Orchard Market, a Downtown Dallas Grocery Store, is Opening on September 26

Get all your shopping carts ready, ’cause downtown Dallas is about to get a little more vegetable friendly. Starting next week, Urban Orchard Market (the grocery store that will carry mostly organic foods) is opening to the public at 1500 Jackson Street. At least, that’s what its Facebook page told me. There’s also going to be […]

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Zoli’s NY Pizza Tavern Opens Today. 5 Things You Should Know Before You Go.

Today’s the day, Zoli’s fans. Hot grandmas are coming to town at 5 p.m. (If you think hot grandmas are actually people, you clearly aren’t one of the 1,439 folks who like the Facebook page for Zoli’s NY Pizza Tavern.) Back in February, we told you that Jay Jerrier was opening a pizza place for “people […]

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Into Shelley’s Belly: Sip Stir Cafe in Uptown

An evil tyrant, who may or may not also be your father, just kidnapped the one woman who can save your city from a deadly alien virus. And the only person who can save her life, restore order to the metropolis, and finally conquer that overbearing, deadbeat dad is you. You’ll face an insurmountable cadre […]

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Urban Acres is Building a Farmstead in Oak Cliff

Everybody and their mother is using Kickstarter these days to get their businesses up, but sometimes the cause is so worthy I have to put it up on SideDish. Like this one. Urban Acres, your source for local, organic food, is expanding on its “co-op style” produce program and trying to impact the Dallas community […]

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