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Making Dallas Even Better

Fletcher’s Corny Dogs Will Make Dreams Come True This Summer

Like many fairgoers, every time I go to the State Fair of Texas, I get a Fletcher’s corny dog. It’s a beeline situation: you do not pass go, you do not collect two hundred giant stuffed animals from the midway– you go straight to the stand in front of Big Tex. Sure, there’s a longer line there. And it’s your job to respectfully wait in that line for the best memory-stamping food moment you’ll have all year.

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Sundrops’ Nutritionist Mark Herrin is Consulting on Mudhen Menu

I bumped into an interesting little story while doing research for the current D Magazine cover story on eating healthy. Mark Herrin, owner/nutritionist of Sundrops Vitamins & Nutrition, is working on the menu at Mudhen, Shannon Wynne’s new restaurant under construction in the Dallas Farmers Market.

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LYFE Kitchen, a Fast Casual Chain with Vegan Fare, is Coming to Dallas

We’ve seen the rise of healthy fast food in Dallas with Start on Greenville Avenue, and the business model is clearly working. That drive-thru line at Erin McKool’s first restaurant is always packed.

Now former president and chief operating officer of McDonald’s Corp., Mike Roberts, is leading the charge for healthy fast food on a nation-wide scale. LYFE (Love Your Food Everyday) Kitchen specializes in good-for-you menu options that don’t have any cream or butter in them. There are gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and meat options. LYFE Kitchen started in California in 2011, and three North Texas locations are supposed to open this summer.

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Taste Test Thursday: Texas Honey

One of my best friends in college was a guy named Oshri. As the beekeeper of the Duke Gardens, he had it something bad for those pointy little bugs.

During one of his honey-collecting trips, I suited up in a white space suit outfit and helped him bottle raw honey into a hundred plastic containers. Some containers had dead, crystallized ants in them. Others didn’t. I remember taking home a bottle with one of the dead bugs and feeling proud of it.

Raw, unfiltered honey is one of the best things we can enjoy. It helps with allergies, it has changed the economy of Sierra Leone, and it makes our world a better place. All the honeys we taste-tested this week were so different from each other, it’s kind of incredible.

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Taste Test Thursday: Granolas

Mornings that start off with a bowl with plain vanilla yogurt, honey, and granola are perfect.

But the type of granola makes all the difference. Crunchy, chewy, or nutty—we have our preferences. To me, granola is a personal thing, a personal choice. 

To make your mornings even better, we tasted five different types. Since granola choices are overwhelming and limitless, I decided to stick with plain, original recipes that A) use coconut and B) have nuts. You can judge me all you want for my criteria. I like coconut and nuts. What can I say.

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Let Half Pint Palates Help You Raise a Gourmet Baby

The charismatic founder of Half Pint Palates, a direct-delivery frozen-baby-food company that began service in 2013, started her culinary education on a livestock farm in western Kentucky. Growing up with a garden that produced most of the veggies her family ate exposed her to quality you can’t get at most grocery stores. “That’s where I learned my passion for food and flavor,” Anderson says.

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Get Your Greens at Crisp Salad Today, It Opens on Greenville Avenue

For a city starved of good, build-your-own salads, there’s a new option in town. Crisp Salad, a fast-casual restaurant across the street from Greenville’s buzzing Trader Joe’s, opens today at 11 a.m.

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D: The Cookbook Recipes: Pecan Lodge’s Collard Greens

Serves 12 INGREDIENTS For the collard greens: 1 cup bacon, diced 4 ounces butter, unsalted 1 cup yellow onion, chopped 3 pounds collards, stemmed and cut into 1-inch square pieces For the broth: 8 cups water 1 tablespoon salt 3/4 cup brown sugar 2 tablespoons smoked paprika 1 tablespoon garlic powder 1/3 cup cider vinegar […]

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Watch What You Eat: 12 Percent of Imported Spices are Contaminated

On top of the rumor that we consume approximately 10 spiders a year while we sleep, now there’s more bad news. “Nearly 12 percent of spices imported into the U.S. each year are contaminated with insects, animal feces, rodent hair, or other contaminants, including feathers and rubber bands, according to a Food and Drug Administration report released […]

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True Food Kitchen Opens in the Plaza at Preston Center on November 19

Just when you didn’t think Preston Center could fit any more restaurants, a new one squeezes in. True Food Kitchen from Fox Restaurant Concepts is opening insideon the bottom floor of the new University Park Library’s building at 8383 Preston Center, Suite 200, on November 19. I think this makes that five-story building the library […]

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Starting in November, Green House Market Brings Healthy Food to NorthPark Center

Remember Green House, the food truck? Now the team behind it is opening a restaurant inside NorthPark, tucked away behind the movie theater. Instead of junk food, movie-goers can grab a healthy bite to eat and avoid the food court area before they gorge on popcorn. Green House Market should be open by mid-November. The […]

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