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Making Dallas Even Better

Nasty Feud Subsides: Matt’s Rancho Martinez in Lakewood Schedules Opening. Again

I just checked in with Brian Marsters, the Director of Operations of Matt’s Rancho Martinez. Marsters didn’t go into too many details but said the long-awaited opening of the restaurant in Lakewood is now scheduled for “September 11thish.” Matt’s has certainly had a wretched six months filled with delays from permits, parking, neighborhood associations, and […]

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Suddenly Silent: John Tesar Has Disappeared From Dallas

I’ve cruised past the construction site of John Tesar’s new restaurant, Spoon in Preston Center, several times this month and noticed zero activity. The permits were not on the windows and there was no construction taking place. Yesterday I checked Tesar’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, then texted and called him, and nothing. Last night I […]

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Teresa Gubbins to Join CultureMap Dallas

Last week I reported PegasusNews was bought by the Dallas Morning News. In the post I pondered the whereabouts of ace reporter Teresa Gubbins. The rest of the PegNews staff are now employees of the DMN, but Gubbins didn’t make the move. (More likely, she wasn’t asked to make the move. She’s been there and […]

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Attention Food Snobs: The Mad Men Behind Applebee’s Don’t Want You!

Recently Applebee’s launched a new ad campaign. (It has Don Draper written all over it!) The tagline is “See You Tomorrow.” According to ADWEEK, it “positions Applebee’s as the champion of a sort of anti-foodie backlash, pitching fare that purports to be tasty, and simple, but still somewhat classy—for example, new summer dishes like Lemon […]

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