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Sylvan Thirty’s First Store, Cox Farms Market Grocery, Opened This Morning

Despite small setbacks (including a fire that destroyed Teiichi Sakurai’s ramen shop, Ten), Sylvan Thirty is plowing ahead. This afternoon, it announced that Mayor Mike Rawlings cut the ribbon at the opening of Cox Farms Market Store, which is actually located in the building right across from Ten.

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4 Upcoming Food and Wine Festivals You Won’t Want to Miss

Spring is stunning in Dallas. It’s probably the best time of year to live in our great city. But if you have a little spring fever and you’re looking for a reason to get out of town on a long weekend, here are a few ideas over the coming months that are great excuses to hop on a plane or take a road trip.

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Orbit Releases New BBQ-Flavored Gum, Inspired by Pecan Lodge

Here’s a funny story that hit my inbox this morning.

Orbit, as you know, makes gum. The head-head-tippy-top food scientist of the company is a guy named Henry O’Brien, who lives in Peoria, IL (where Wrigley is based). But he’s actually from Dallas.

I know. Mind explosion. Or can we say, BBQ explosion?

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The Localist: On Pure Ground’s Divine Texas Chèvre

Last week, while tasting my way through the display case at Scardello, I told the cheesemonger I wanted to focus on sampling Texas-made cheeses. Without missing a beat, he immediately reached for a wrapped disk of fresh chèvre. Within a matter of seconds, he handed me a small tasting spoon with a sample. It was love at first bite. I adored the creamy consistency and vibrant fresh flavor. The chalky texture that plagues so many goat cheeses was nowhere to be found here. It was mild and pleasingly rich. The flavor was gentle enough to appease the most discerning palate, while thoroughly impressing my cheese nerd friends who arbitrarily rate the quality of a cheese by the volume of its sweat sock aroma.

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Bite Fight: The Best Tres Leches Cake in Dallas

A fine tres leches cake is a beautiful thing. When there’s creamy vanilla sweetness coupled with a curious balance struck between light and rich, that’s when you know you’ve hit the jackpot. Pastel de tres leches is a dessert with a history soaked in Latin American cross-culturalism, burgeoned by canned milk production in the 1940s, and widely popularized in Texas by the 1990s. Dallas is rife with restaurants offering their own take on this ubiquitous, fluffy dessert, often upping the ante by changing its nomenclature. To find out how many milks it really takes to exemplify this cake, I tasted the tres leches at the health-conscious Kozy Kitchen, the cuatro leches at the trendy La Duni Latin Cafe, and the cinco leches at 2013’s Tex-Mex newcomer Mesero Miguel.

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Taste Test Thursday: Texas Honey

One of my best friends in college was a guy named Oshri. As the beekeeper of the Duke Gardens, he had it something bad for those pointy little bugs.

During one of his honey-collecting trips, I suited up in a white space suit outfit and helped him bottle raw honey into a hundred plastic containers. Some containers had dead, crystallized ants in them. Others didn’t. I remember taking home a bottle with one of the dead bugs and feeling proud of it.

Raw, unfiltered honey is one of the best things we can enjoy. It helps with allergies, it has changed the economy of Sierra Leone, and it makes our world a better place. All the honeys we taste-tested this week were so different from each other, it’s kind of incredible.

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Taste Test Thursday: Granolas

Mornings that start off with a bowl with plain vanilla yogurt, honey, and granola are perfect.

But the type of granola makes all the difference. Crunchy, chewy, or nutty—we have our preferences. To me, granola is a personal thing, a personal choice. 

To make your mornings even better, we tasted five different types. Since granola choices are overwhelming and limitless, I decided to stick with plain, original recipes that A) use coconut and B) have nuts. You can judge me all you want for my criteria. I like coconut and nuts. What can I say.

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Eat This Now: CBD Provisions’ Red Chili With Cornbread

As seen in the December 2013 issue. Executive Chef Michael Sindoni of CBD Provisions makes this red chili with grass-fed beef, farm egg, and cornbread. CORNBREAD | A batter of cornmeal, flour, buttermilk, crème fraîche, and butter is poured into a hot buttered cast-iron pan and baked in the oven. CHILI | Ground and diced […]

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A Day in Denton: Breakfast and Lunch (Part I)

It’s a little crazy how close Denton is from Dallas. But 40 miles somehow translates into a million light years away. If we’re honest with ourselves, Denton really deserves more from all you I-don’t-venture-above-635-people. This artsy college town has transformed from a No Man’s Land to a thriving food scene in the last 13 years. […]

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CBD Provisions Opens in Downtown Dallas Today

When Consilient Hospitality—the hotel and restaurant management company owned by Tim Headington and Tristan Simon—wants to do something right, believe me when I say everything goes according to plan. Its newest project, CBD Provisions, opened its glossy doors in the old Charlie Palmer space to the public this morning at 7 a.m. It’s at 1530 Main […]

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Urban Orchard Market, a Downtown Dallas Grocery Store, is Opening on September 26

Get all your shopping carts ready, ’cause downtown Dallas is about to get a little more vegetable friendly. Starting next week, Urban Orchard Market (the grocery store that will carry mostly organic foods) is opening to the public at 1500 Jackson Street. At least, that’s what its Facebook page told me. There’s also going to be […]

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Drink This: Community Beer Co.’s Bottle-Conditioned Belgian Beers

On Monday night, Del Frisco’s Grill hosted the folks from Community Beer Co. to show off two of their new bottle conditioned bombers in Uptown style. Kevin Carr, the founder, and Jamie Fulton, the head brewer, nearly came to tears as they addressed the crowd to share their excitement and passion for the amazing beers they […]

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Dallas Restaurateurs Produce a Local CBS Show Called Local Fare

Restaurateurs Kyle Noonan and Josh Sepkowitz of FreeRange Concepts are at it again. But this time it’s not a bowling alley/restaurant, canine-friendly cantina, or lounge restoration. Instead, they want us to watch amateur critics (i.e. viewers like you) discuss favorite neighborhood eateries on the new series Local Fare. Alas, self-acclaimed foodies are no longer restricted […]

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Chefs for Farmers to Host a Cocktail “Mix-Off” on September 15

One of the best events of the year, Chefs for Farmers, is starting its big hulabaloo off right by hosting a cocktail mix-off at the Standard Pour on Sunday, September 15. Chefs for Farmers, a grassroots organization that celebrates local farmers and great food, donates its profits to charitable causes. It’s all for the love […]

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