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Making Dallas Even Better

Tom Spicer Wants You to Get Sauced

Get down and mushroom-y with Tom Spicer. Bring your own wine to Spiceman’s Absolutely Unusual Culinary Extravaganza. For those of you still using Morton’s salt, Spiceman is Tom Spicer, forager and procurer of all-things-produce. His wonderfully offbeat shop, Spiceman’s FM 1410, is next to Jimmy’s Food Store and Urbano Café in East Dallas. This Saturday […]

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The City of Dallas (Almost) Eats More Salad Than Any Other City in America

Warning: eating salad in Dallas “could” cause a local dining revolution. Could. Dole Fresh Vegetables, a subsidiary of Dole Food Company, the world’s largest producer of fruits and vegetables, has released an astonishingly vague press release that claims: “Dole Research Ranks Dallas Among the Top U.S. Markets in Per-capita Salad Consumption, Growth Potential and/or In-kitchen […]

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Is the City of Dallas Health Department Shutting Down Local Farmers Markets?

I’ve been hearing rumors for weeks that city officials were making the rounds and visiting the small farmers markets that have cropped up in spots such as Celebration, Bolsa, and North Haven Gardens. Now comes official word from Ed Lowe of Celebration. They have shut him down and he’s going to the Dallas City Council. […]

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Prospective Wine-Grape Grower Workshop on October 12 in Stephenville

D photographer Elizabeth “Spider Monkey” Lavin learns how to taste grapes. How many of you have visited a small winery and gotten swept up in the romance of tending the vines and making your own wine? It’s happened to me on more than ten occasions. Ah, the cool morning breeze in your hair; the dogs […]

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AFI Film Festival: Food Inc.

AFI Dallas is getting ready to begin on March 26th. I happy to report that the lineup of films includes two showings of Food Inc., the Robert Keener film that takes “an unsalted look at America’s industrial food system—dirty, crowded cattle lots, genetically modified veggies, fast food chains and processing plants.” Kenner gets behind the […]

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