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Dallas Restaurateurs Produce a Local CBS Show Called Local Fare

Restaurateurs Kyle Noonan and Josh Sepkowitz of FreeRange Concepts are at it again. But this time it’s not a bowling alley/restaurant, canine-friendly cantina, or lounge restoration. Instead, they want us to watch amateur critics (i.e. viewers like you) discuss favorite neighborhood eateries on the new series Local Fare. Alas, self-acclaimed foodies are no longer restricted […]

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Eric Nadel Reviews Sundown at the Granada

Most of you know Eric Nadel as the voice of the Texas Rangers. This year, Eric begins his 34th year as a Rangers broadcaster in 2012, his 18th as the lead radio voice. The other day, he picked up his seventh 2011 Texas Sportscaster of the Year Award from the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association. […]

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Stone Crab Season is Here

If you come here often, you know the ubiquitous jonfromtjs.  His comments are found on every food blog and social media outlet in Dallas. His real name is Jon Alexis. His real job is marketing his family’s seafood and catering shop TJ’s Seafood Market. I’ve known Jon’s parents, Pete and Caren, since the early 1700s.  […]

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Anthony Bourdain Eats An Endangered Bird Under A Hooded Cloak To Hide His Gluttony From God

OK, so technically he just recounted doing so on The Colbert Report, but his description of biting into a fatted, endangered bird is one for the vault: The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Anthony Bourdain www.colbertnation.com Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog Video Archive

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Chef John Tesar to Appear on Extreme Chef

We’ve followed chef John Tesar from the refined confines of the Rosewood Mansion to a cocktail den in South Side to upscale burger joint in One Arts Plaza. It only seems logical go travel along with him to a mountain in the wilderness. Huh? Ever the clever chef, Tesar is, once again, letting his freak […]

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Final Report: Buffalo Gap Food & Wine Summit 2011

Last night’s dine around dinner and wine tasting took place on the grounds of Perini Ranch. Chefs and wineries cooked and poured for over three hours. I was a bad reporter. I didn’t take notes or shoot many pictures because I wanted to just experience the evening. However, I ended up with a few videos […]

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Special Report: Buffalo Gap Food & Wine Summit 2011

Last night was the fancy kick-off Champagne reception followed by a 5-course seated dinner in a luxurious tent behind Perini Ranch Steakhouse. The 50-mph winds died down just as the first bottle of Veuve Clicqout popped and the crowd of close to 200 walked the grounds of Lisa and Tom Perini’s ranch. This is the […]

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Report: 2011 Dallas Pizza Tour

Last Saturday was the latest in a lengthening list of Dallas Foodie Tours: The 2011 Dallas Pizza Tour. Like the Burger, Taco, and Vegan tours that preceded the tour was the brainchild of Steven Doyle, best known as never having written for Dallas/Ft. Worth Construction News (ed note: The list of Dallas publications that Steve […]

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Molecular Gastronomy at Nana in Dallas

In response to some of my earlier posts about molecular gastronomy, some commentators noted Anthony Bombaci at Nana Restaurant at the Hilton Anatole Hotel is also using MG techniques in some of his cooking. I had to investigate. I checked the Nana website. No mention of molecular gastronomy. I walked into the north lobby of […]

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What’s Really in a Can of Whoopass at Horne & Dekker?

Blame it on the full moon. Blame it on the bossa nova. What. Ever. A few gals from the office went to dinner last Saturday at Horne & Dekker and one slipped part of a centerpiece into her purse. It wasn’t an elaborate candle or flower arrangement, the centerpieces at Horne & Dekker are a […]

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