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Making Dallas Even Better

Central Market’s Passport Series Kicks Off on April 29

Listen up Earth dwellers and food eaters (hopefully you’re both). Central Market’s 6th annual passport series begins April 29 and runs through May 12. This year they are featuring Greek cuisine. I don’t know much about that Mediterranean flavor, at least I didn’t until Monday’s media preview, so listen up and get your shopping bags ready.

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An Interview With Amy Johnson and Sam Roberts of Field to Meal

Amy Johnson and Sam Roberts are owners of food delivery service, Field to Meal. The goal of Field to Meal is to encourage people to eat healthier by removing traditional obstacles around meal preparation. I sat down with the couple last week to learn more about their business. They discussed their journey from Sydney, Australia to Dallas, their passion for healthy food, and their involvement in the community.

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Chad Houser Chosen As One of United States Junior Chamber’s Outstanding Young Americans

Dallas chef and executive director of Café Momentum, Chad Houser, has been chosen as one of the United States Junior Chamber’s (Jaycees) 2015 Ten Outstanding Young Americans. For 77 years, the United States Junior Chamber has recognized men and women who are between ages 18 to 40 for their community engagement.

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Scenes from The Best New Restaurants of 2014 Dinner

Last night chefs, restaurateurs, and people who just really like to eat gathered at 3015 at Trinity Groves for our Best New Restaurants dinner. The 10-course meal, benefiting Cafe Momentum, sampled bites from each restaurant highlighted in Nancy Nichols’ feature in the December issue of D Magazine. You can view the menu and gallery from the event below.

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Five Must-Have Foodie Gifts in the 2014 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

For 88 years Neiman Marcus has been tantalizing the imagination with its Christmas book. This year’s 187-page catalog is equipped with more than 600 gifts, ranging from mac ‘n cheese flavored dog treats to his and hers Vilebrequin quadskis for a whopping $50k each. Among the fur-trimmed cashmere cardigans and diamond encrusted bangles are some funky, food and cocktail-centric gifts. Here are five must-haves for exuberant party hosts and bon vivants alike.

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Get to Know Some of the Faces Behind Grapevine’s Culinary Scene

The city of Dallas encompasses an ever-growing culture of food, nightlife, entertainment, and ideas. Yet, it’s become an inescapable bubble as we become locked in weekend routines, new restaurant openings, and favorite dining destinations. Venture a mere 30 minutes outside your metropolis comfort zone and you will arrive in a historic land that brings to life old traditions alongside novel festivities. Through the center of Downtown Grapevine runs Main Street, a walkable, preserved area home to winery tasting rooms, the Grapevine Vintage Railroad, the Palace Arts Center, the Grapevine Glockenspiel Clock Tower, one-of-a-kind shops, live entertainment venues, restaurants and art galleries. Escape for a day to enjoy the holiday offerings or make it a staycation at the Gaylord after drinking your way through the headquarters of Texas’ wine industry.

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Braden and Yasmin Wages Discuss Their Beer Journey and Future Plans for Malai Kitchen

You might conjure up images of the owners growing up on generations of family cooking in the heart of Southeast Asia upon slurping down a bowl of beef Vietnamese noodle soup or licking clean a plate of massaman braised lamb shank at Malai Kitchen. However, Braden Wages will tell you he really didn’t even know what pho was until he traveled to Vietnam after college. Braden and wife Yasmin fell in love with the food, culture, and tradition of this country, which serves as the foundation for their Thai and Vietnamese style of cooking.

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Celebrating Beer With Local Brewers

Whether you take your beer from an ice cold can, by the gallon out of a personalized growler, via red Solo cup after a beer pong loss, or straight from the tap, North Texas Beer Week welcomes you one and all. This week we salute the brewers, the bartenders, the open-patio bars, and the people who make those enormous chalices that take your guzzling experience to the next level.

Now, get to know the faces behind some of your favorite local brews.

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