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Making Dallas Even Better

Louise Owens Talks Craft Cocktails, Toast Points, and 10 Years Behind the Bar at the Windmill Lounge

I was greeted by a booming “Hey!” as I yanked open the freshly painted red door to the Windmill Lounge on Wednesday afternoon. I couldn’t see the face behind the voice (my eyes were adjusting from the bright glare of the sun to the dimly lit bar) but I knew that it belonged to Louise Owens. “You want a drink?” she asked as I approached the bar. I hesitated, but only briefly. I was, after all, in one of the best cocktail dens in Dallas.

She mixed me her namesake drink, The Louise: vodka, orange juice, strawberry nectar, ginger, and mint syrup topped off with sparkling wine. Seemed fitting at the time. We took a seat at a table in the back corner as Billie Holiday serenaded us from the jukebox.

She and her now ex-husband Charlie Papaceno opened the Windmill Lounge in 2005. Charlie has since parted ways to open a business of his own, but you can find Louise mixing drinks at the Maple Avenue dive on any given day of the week. “There’s nothing in here without a story” she explained as she glanced around “from the toast points to the curtains.”

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A Look at Dinner Lab with Chef Kyle McClelland and Michael Martensen

Dinner Lab is a unique “semi-pop up” concept that allows chefs to receive unabridged feedback from paying customers on a variety of dishes ranging from the experimental to reliable hallmarks. Notably, these experiences do not occur in any brick and mortar facility bearing any chef’s name. The Lab travels to unconventional venues and no one is revisited twice in any municipality.

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Central Market’s Passport Series Kicks Off on April 29

Listen up Earth dwellers and food eaters (hopefully you’re both). Central Market’s 6th annual passport series begins April 29 and runs through May 12. This year they are featuring Greek cuisine. I don’t know much about that Mediterranean flavor, at least I didn’t until Monday’s media preview, so listen up and get your shopping bags ready.

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An Interview With Amy Johnson and Sam Roberts of Field to Meal

Amy Johnson and Sam Roberts are owners of food delivery service, Field to Meal. The goal of Field to Meal is to encourage people to eat healthier by removing traditional obstacles around meal preparation. I sat down with the couple last week to learn more about their business. They discussed their journey from Sydney, Australia to Dallas, their passion for healthy food, and their involvement in the community.

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