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Making Dallas Even Better

Nancy Nichols Steps Down as D Magazine’s Lead Dining Critic

I was going to avoid writing this post until the March issue of D Magazine goes online, on March 2. That way it would be easier to explain the reasoning behind my decision to change my life and my job. But then the mail went out, and, after subscribers received their magazines and read my story, I received some supportive emails and texts.

Before the rumor mill mangles the truth, I will give you the short version.

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Meet Your New SideDish Editor

Hi, SideDish readers, I’m the new online assistant dining editor. If you’re reading this, then I assume that you care about dining in Dallas. Let me assure you, I love food. I love learning about it. I love experimenting with it in the kitchen. I love photographing it. And, first and foremost, I love eating it. My father has worked in the food industry since before I was born and my mother donned an apron in the kitchen most nights of the week (my personal favorite was her magenta Pepé Le Pew number — although, the one I recently got her from the Design District Market is pretty nice). As a result, I was taught to appreciate a good home-cooked meal at an early age. But it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that my culinary awakening started to really take shape after a colleague slipped Jeffrey Steingarten’s “It Must’ve Been Something I Ate” into my hands. Until then, the marvels of exotic sea salts, bluefin tuna and coq au vin were foreign to me.

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Most Distinctive Eating Habits of Each US State

So this genius over at FastCo databased 59 million menu items to identify each state’s “crown jewel” food. This map is pretty fascinating, and if you go to the website, it’s interactive. Is it any surprise that Texas favors jalapeños? Things I like about this map: –Every state has some mention of ranch dressing, except […]

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Esquire Names Spoon and Stampede 66 in Best New Restaurants List 2013

  Even when you thought the endless awards and endless praise for John Tesar and Stephan Pyles would never stop this year—you were right. It doesn’t. Out of Esquire‘s list of 18 Best New Restaurants in 2013 that was released today, two of them are Dallas restaurants. Now, whether or not you’re a fan of […]

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I Am Still Sick of the Word: Foodie

Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins posted a funny item yesterday: 12 signs of the new Dallas foodie revolution. Gubbshoe claims “ Dallas has two kinds of foodies”—old and new–and follows her thesis with a list that distinguishes them. Funny stuff. Except for one thing: her use of the term foodie. Wait, make that two: if one is old, they can’t […]

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Preview: Chamberlain’s Brau Haus at Addison Oktoberfest

Richard Chamberlain isn’t German, but you probably wouldn’t know that without a degree in etymology. The revered Texas chef has been one of the Lone Star State’s favored sons since the doors of Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House first opened in 1993. Whether or not your audience is your Munich-native mother-in-law or your roommate from […]

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A Tour of Jason Boso’s Food Truck Park, the Truck Yard

Jason Boso has a lot on his plate. Not only did he open a new Twisted Root location in downtown Carrollton today, but he’s also been getting his Truck Yard nice and ready. It’s the one that’s right across the street from the new Trader Joe’s being built on the corner of Greenville Avenue and […]

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