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June 23 Food Truck Schedule for Dallas

Probably the best food truck that didn’t survive was Yellow Belly. You could argue for Taco Party as well. But since I had a great picture of Yellow Belly in the archives, and I really miss the “flying swine”, sort of a pork wing. We really need more of these unique concepts.

With that, here is your schedule for the week. As always, check Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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Ruthie’s Rolling Food Trucks Launches “El Cuatro”

The better food truck companies just keep growing. This will be Ruthie’s fourth food truck. They started with their first food truck in August 2011, added a cheesesteak truck a year later, but converted it to Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe Too a few months later. They launched Ruthie’s Creperie in October 2012 and now they’re launching their third grilled cheese truck, and fourth food truck in total, El Cuatro.

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April 7 through April 13 Food Truck Schedule for Dallas

The City of Frisco is bringing fun with its 3rd Annual Frisco Streats event this coming Saturday from 1pm to early evening at 7pm. They’ve got a great lineup of food trucks, including: Nammi , bobaddiction, Cajun Tailgators, Cup-Cakin, Easy Slider, Gandolfos NY Deli, Guava Tree , Jack’s ChowHound, Eat Jo Dawgs, Pompeii DFW, Little Greek, Ruthie’s , SSahm BBQ, The Butcher’s Son, and What’s Da Scoop.

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March 10 Food Truck Schedule for Dallas

On Friday, March 14, the city will shut down Flora Street and Harwood Street for a downtown Arts District Spring Break Party: Crow Collection of Asian Art, Nasher, DMA. The party starts at 6pm with some of Dallas’ better food trucks, including Easy Slider, Guava Tree, Jack’s Chowhound, Pompeii DFW, Ruthie’s, Rock’n’Rick’s, Nammi, What’s da Scoop, bobaddition, Bombay Street Food, and others.

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Texas Burrito Company, a New Food Truck, Launches in Dallas

Last night, I was invited to an event at the Community Brewing Company to sample Two Trucks’ newest addition to its food truck family, Texas Burrito Company. Texas Burrito Company serves burritos, tacos, burrito bowls, and salads, which all scream Mexican with a little bit of Texan on the side. I ordered the Rio Grande, a flour tortilla stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese, brown or white rice, black beans, sweet barbacoa pork, topped with a green chile sauce. Oh man, was this not your average Chipotle burrito. The sweet barbacoa pork paired with the spicy green chile sauce made for the perfect combination of pure burrito goodness. My friend ordered the Amarillo By Morning burrito, which comes with a four tortilla, queso fresco, brown or white rice, black beans, green chili chicken and roasted garlic with tomatillo sauce and a sour cream drizzle. If you’re into the plain-jane chicken burrito thing, then this is the burrito for you. It’s nothing crazy-adventurous yet still delicious.

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