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Making Dallas Even Better

Bygone Bites: A Review of Fish Sticks

Being raised by an Irish-Catholic mother back in the mid-20th century meant no meat on Fridays. That proved to be a challenge for mother. But coming to her rescue was a relatively new product — Gorton’s Fish Sticks. Why, it had even won the Parents Magazine Seal of Approval in 1953.

The sticks looked like flattened piano keys covered in crumbs. After spending time on a cookie sheet in an oven, they would emerge crispy on the outside. The interior was another story. Depending on our mother’s time-keeping, the fish fillets would either be overly done or borderline sushi encased in crumbs. Every now and then, they would turn out just right. But like hot dogs in need of mustard, the sticks required a dunking in either ketchup or tartar sauce. In our household, it was usually ketchup because tartar sauce required being made from scratch.

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The Local Oak Makes Spam Sliders a Signature Comfort Food

At The Local Oak, a new neighborhood hangout, you can get Texas Surfers—these sliders made with grilled Spam, house-made pineapple relish, and slaw. It’s gutsy for a chef to bring Spam into Oak Cliff, but The Local Oak has some pros in the house. Chef Aaron Courtney just came from Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse, and […]

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A Day in Denton: Breakfast and Lunch (Part I)

It’s a little crazy how close Denton is from Dallas. But 40 miles somehow translates into a million light years away. If we’re honest with ourselves, Denton really deserves more from all you I-don’t-venture-above-635-people. This artsy college town has transformed from a No Man’s Land to a thriving food scene in the last 13 years. […]

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Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe’s Entrepreneurial Appetite

When Ashlee Hunt Kleinert told her father four years ago that she wanted to start a food-truck business, Ray L. Hunt couldn’t believe what he was hearing. At first he thought she was talking about those vehicles that visit construction sites and sell frozen and prepackaged foods. Hunt, heir of oil tycoon H. L. Hunt […]

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Food TV Review: No Reservations With BBQ Snob, Daniel Vaughn, and Anthony Bourdain

Any of you watch our local barbecue expert Daniel Vaughn of Full Custom Gospel Barbecue fame on the season premier of No Reservations last night? I did and I have about five minutes to give you my five cents worth: I’ve watched a zillion episodes of No Reservations and I’ve learned a lot about food and […]

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Coming Soon: Bolsa Food Market in Arlington?

Both Christophers, Zielke and Jeffers, of Bolsa Mercado confirm the shop opening up in Arlington has nothing to do with Bolsa Mercado in Bishop Arts. So, there you have it. Call anyway and ask them if it is true:  214-367-9367.

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Trader Joe’s Opens Friday in Fort Worth. Do You Care?

The landscape of grocery shopping in DFW may or not transform on Friday when Trader Joe’s, the Jimmy-Buffet-Meets-The-Beach-Boys-Before-Brian-Wilson’s-Melt-Down-esque food store born in Pasadena, California in 1967, opens its doors at 2701 S.Hulen St. in Fort Worth. (The Trader Joe’s Lowest Greenville Dallas is now scheduled to open in Spring 2013). Like their In-N-Out Burgers’ brethren, […]

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Chef Tracy Miller of Local to Open Rosemont in Dallas

A quick email exchange with chef Tracy Miller of Local confirms she is opening Restaurant Rosemont at 2912 Elm Street (@Malcom X). The kitchen will serve breakfast, lunch, and brunch. The fare is “simple American.”  She hopes to be open in mid-May. “I’m working on the menu now,” Miller says.  “There will be nothing over […]

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