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Deal for New Herrera’s Location on Maple Avenue Falls Through

Oh, holy horrors. Herrera’s Cafe has backed out of a deal for a new location on Maple Avenue. They can’t afford to stay. Crow Holdings? Are you listening? We don’t like this.

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My Five Cents: Food Criticism, F-Bombs, and Firing the Messenger

When John Tesar attacked Leslie Brenner in a public forum, he started a fire that still burns. For many of us who work in the restaurant business — I include food journalists, critics, and bloggers in this lot — the last week has been tumultuous. I’m going to try and make some sense out of it.

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Bygone Bites: A Review of Fish Sticks

Being raised by an Irish-Catholic mother back in the mid-20th century meant no meat on Fridays. That proved to be a challenge for mother. But coming to her rescue was a relatively new product — Gorton’s Fish Sticks. Why, it had even won the Parents Magazine Seal of Approval in 1953.

The sticks looked like flattened piano keys covered in crumbs. After spending time on a cookie sheet in an oven, they would emerge crispy on the outside. The interior was another story. Depending on our mother’s time-keeping, the fish fillets would either be overly done or borderline sushi encased in crumbs. Every now and then, they would turn out just right. But like hot dogs in need of mustard, the sticks required a dunking in either ketchup or tartar sauce. In our household, it was usually ketchup because tartar sauce required being made from scratch.

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Mike Karns v Pat Snuffer Hearing Canceled. Will Snuffer’s Keep Pat’s Burger and Cheddar Fries From Opening?

Snuffer’s has ordered Pat Snuffer to halt construction of Pat’s Burgers and Cheese Fries. The hearing originally scheduled for December 19, was rescheduled for this morning. Dan Koller of Park Cities says today’s hearing has been canceled after a Friday afternoon conference call between the judge and the lawyers.

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Giveaway: Nespresso Pixie Machine, Two Milk Frothers, 10 Dharkan Capsules, Pixie Intensity Kit, and Two Cappuccino Cups and Saucers

Happy Monday, everyone. Nespresso is about to make this gloomy weather day about a thousand kilowatts brighter. A few weeks ago, the leading brand of coffee machines sent us a Pixie machine + a bunch of other great stuff. Instead of hoarding it all (preferable), we’ve decided to give it away to two of you lucky […]

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The Battle for Pecan Lodge: DF Market Holding Sends in Tanks, I Mean a Food Truck

Café Momentum’s Chad Houser tweeted a picture of the Katy Trail Ice House food truck parked outside of Pecan Lodge on Saturday with the message: “Hey @RobertWilonsky and @NancyNichols, look what’s parked outside Pecan Lodge today. Pretty classless.” ‘Natch Big Bob was “@viva_chato Hunh. Good thing I was l already headed that way to check in […]

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Food News and Booze (8/30/13)

Jonathon’s Oak Cliff is definitely expanding its kitchen now. The permits came in yesterday, and Mr. Erdeljac announced the big news via Facebook. I know everybody has been wondering the last few months where Eddie “Lucky” Campbell has disappeared. Word on the street says he’s at Abacus right now as the new bartender. He’ll be revamping […]

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Cafeteria Under Construction: Highland Park Middle School Parents Not Happy

I meant to post this news last week but I forgot. The story, written by Dan “The Captain” Koller and published in Park Cities People, reports how some parents are pissed off  because the cafeteria at Highland Park Middle School is under construction and parents are responsible for providing lunches. I remembered I forgot the […]

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Set Your DVRs: Deep Fried Masters to Feature Fried Food from the Texas State Fair

Remember that ooey gooey bacon cinnamon roll at the Texas State Fair last year? The one that won the Most Creative award for 2013? Butch Benavides, the creator of that ingenious sweet-and-salty fried snack, is appearing on Deep Fried Masters tonight on Destination America at 9 p.m. CST. Here’s the show description: Deep fried lemonade, […]

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Trader Joe’s Opens on Greenville Avenue Today

Stop what you’re doing, because whatever you’re doing — saving lives, even — isn’t nearly as important as the fact that Trader Joe’s on Greenville Avenue is opening at 8 a.m. this morning. Yes, friends. Dallas has a Trader Joe’s now. We already have a TJ’s in Fort Worth and Plano, but this is the first one […]

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Francesco Farris of Zio Cecio Calls Mystery Diners to Bust Employees Selling Secret Tex-Mex Menu

Did anyone catch Friday night’s episode of Mystery Diners on Food Network? The star of the show was Zio Cecio owner/chef Francesco Farris. He suspected his chef and one of his employees were serving a secret, cash-only Tex-Mex menu on Monday evenings when Farris wasn’t in the restaurant. Apparently the duo was planning to open a […]

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Judy Dunston Kissel is Forced Out of Partnership at Dunston’s on Lovers Lane in Dallas

I wasn’t going to post anything on this news until I sat down with Judy Dunston Kissel tomorrow, but I’ve received several emails from readers who are hearing different reports. All I can tell you at this point is that Judy, who has been working at Dunston’s Prime Steakhouse Lovers Lane for 40 years,  and her […]

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Trinity Groves to Host Fork Fight: A Battle Between Incubator Concepts

I’m not sure what is in the water at the Trinity Groves headquarters, but I want some. The brains behind the 13-acre restaurant-retail-artist-and-entertainment development at the base of the west end of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge are working overtime. This morning comes word they company is going to organize a competition between the businesses […]

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Slow Bone Co-owner Jack Perkins Ticketed for Assault

A delivery driver for a local food company called the police and claimed he was physically assaulted by Jack Perkins, the owner of The Slow Bone barbecue restaurant on Irving Boulevard. Perkins also owns Maple & Motor Burgers & Beer. The driver says he ordered a chopped beef sandwich at the counter and was asked […]

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