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Banh Shop Opens in Upper Greenville September 12

I hail from the land of “Boulevarding,” Pony Up chants, Homebar Thursdays, frat-filled weekends at Barley House, and late night study sessions at Bandito’s. There are a number of established hangouts and drop-in restaurants around the SMU area, so a newbie to the scene can easily become lost in translation. Key example: the demise of […]

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First Take: Kate Weiser Chocolate

The newest Trinity Groves concept, Kate Weiser Chocolate, is definitely an experience. The modern little spot has so much color everywhere, mostly originating from the giant wall of Kate’s painted face, but also from the gorgeous display case of chocolates. Every piece is hand-painted and one-of-a-kind, and the flavors are certainly not your average mall-store […]

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Doritos Loaded Are the Next Generation of Snacking

There is a thing. Or things. They are called Doritos Loaded. Imagine a fried wedge of cheese, only the batter-crust is made of crushed Doritos. Then imagine putting them in your mouth. And know that as you chew them, you will hate yourself because they are essentially a plot point from Idiocracy and each one is 90 calories (6 grams of fat, 270 milligrams of sodium), which means that a serving of four will put 360 calories into your belly, with an accompanying 1,080 milligrams of sodium. And that’s a snack. When they come out with the meal version of the Doritos Loaded, presumably it will be 7,000 calories and offer enough salt to hang your dried carcass on a tree limb.

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