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Postcard from France: Languedoc (Part 2)

I once heard the wines of the Languedoc described as a “type of family unit.” As the blend comes together, each and every part of the family is required to make the perfect wine. Smoky, spicy, robust Syrah acts like the father, the leader and head of the family, often dominating the blend. Inky Mourvedre […]

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Postcard from Hawaii: The Kapalua Wine and Food Festival (Part 1)

Kapalua Wine and Food Festival celebrates its place as the oldest of its kind in the country (yep, even older than Aspen). The festival started as an opportunity to showcase high quality wines paired with local cuisine, and to help bring awareness to the local produce and products of Hawaii.

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What To Drink Now: Wines from Italy

From the edge of the alps to the very tip of the boot heel, the wines of Italy go well beyond the jug of unnamed Chianti that rests on the checked tablecloth at your favorite neighborhood pizza joint. More than 300 different grape varieties are grown in Italy, each defining their specific place and terroir. I have tried an interesting assortment recently. Here are a few stand outs.

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What To Drink Now: California White Wines

When you think of white wines from California your mind may venture to the buttery, creamy, oaky Chardonnay selections in which the state became known for in years past. Fortunately, for the most part, that style has given way to lighter, cleaner Chardonnay with bright acidity. These wines are interesting and refined. Yes, oak is still used and wines are still put through full malolactic fermentation, but with a lighter touch, using more neutral oak to encourage slight oxidation while the wine ages, without imparting a lot of flavor. Additionally, new varieties, like Albarino, Gruner Veltliner, Viognier, and many more, continue to pop up in vineyards throughout the state. I have tried a mix of California white wines lately, here are a few that stood out.

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