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Making Dallas Even Better

Farm to Market Report: April 10 – 12

April showers really do bring May flowers… or vegetables. So grab a raincoat and head out to your local farmers market this weekend to pick up some flowers and produce to plant so you can have the freshest of greenery next month. As the weather warms each week, more and more farmers markets are opening up for the season, including Grapevine and Waxahachie this weekend.

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Farm to Market Report: March 27-29

This weekend, Uptown Farmers Market, Dallas’ newest farmers market, will open its doors for its first market season. With the community’s growing demand for fresh produce and natural foods, this market will quench the West Village’s thirst for healthy living. All produce and foods at market are grown within a 150 mile radius of Dallas, guaranteeing the freshest fruits, vegetables, and specialty foods direct from home gardens to Uptown. The market will be held every Saturday morning, with accompanying food trucks parked along Lemmon Avenue, as well as live music by local artists.

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Farm to Market Report: March 20 – 22

The first weekend of spring has arrived with misty fog and a rainy forecast. Although the weather has perked up some in the last week, it’s still a bit chilly outside, and many farmers markets are waiting on clear skies and warm air to set up for the spring season. However, a few markets will be open this weekend with fresh selections sprouted from the dewy earth, ready for your palate, skillet, or that pretty vase sitting on the table.

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Farm to Market Report: March 14

The last few weeks of winter can seem to drag on longer than the whole season itself. The weather gets warm and the sun starts shining. We attempt to wear short-sleeve shirts and leave our jackets at home, and then Old Man Winter laughs in our faces and blasts us with (what feels like) subzero temps and frozen roads, forcing us to stay indoors eating canned soup. But fear not! We are almost done with winter, and a few farmers markets are sticking it to the man, Old Man Winter that is, by opening up shop before spring’s arrival with fresh and vibrant goodies reminiscent of what spring is all about.

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Farm to Market Report: November 14 – 16

Don’t let the cooler temperatures keep you in this weekend. Although this week’s freeze affected some vendors around the area, there’s still plenty to choose from. With the winter season in full swing, you’ll find an abundance of greens. With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, check out what your area farmers market has to offer. Plan ahead and shop early.

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Farm to Market Report: November 6 – 9

Now is the perfect time to scope out fare for your Thanksgiving meal preparations, and there’s no better place for this kind of work than area farmers markets. From winter squashes to pecans to greens, there’s an abundance to choose from at nearly every market. What makes Dallas-area markets patron-friendly are their attempts to offer more than produce. This weekend, the Dallas Farmers Market hosts a cooking class, while the Vickery Meadow Community Market will have a pie contest. Drop in.

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