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Making Dallas Even Better

I Am Still Sick of the Word: Foodie

Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins posted a funny item yesterday: 12 signs of the new Dallas foodie revolution. Gubbshoe claims “ Dallas has two kinds of foodies”—old and new–and follows her thesis with a list that distinguishes them. Funny stuff. Except for one thing: her use of the term foodie. Wait, make that two: if one is old, they can’t […]

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What Do You Do With a Dead Gator From Trinity River? Make Nuggets.

Is it bad that when I first got a glimpse of David Schecter’s dead gator discovery on his Twitter yesterday, my brain processed the news in this exact progression? 1) There is no way I’m stepping foot in Trinity River. Ever. Not after that Mud Run participant died there, and especially not after this 11.5 gator […]

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