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Making Dallas Even Better

Get Your Party Hat On: 6 Crawfish Boils in Dallas-Fort Worth

It’s early in the crawfish season, but several Dallas and Fort Worth restaurants are already boiling it up. They can’t seem to wait. Warm weather, sun-bathed patios, cold beers, and great company call for a massive email to all your friends, asking who’s ready to stuff their face. Here’s where you should lead them.

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The Stand on McKinney Will Deliver Beer and Cigarettes With Your Order

Vices! Getcha vices! Vices all with one call! The Stand, the upscale concession style restaurant on McKinney Avenue is now offering cigarettes and beer with your delivery order. They claim: “Date night just got more convenient and safer.” I’m asking: “How long do I have to wait for a Mac Daddy Dog, carton of Camels, […]

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Hot Dog News! Get Your Hot Dog News! Takeru Kobayashi Joins the Hofmann Hot Dogs!

Who is Takeru Kobayashi? What are Hofmann Hot Dogs? Have you been living as a homosexual in a cave? Kobayashi, excuse me, Kobi (小林尊), is the “Japanese eating sensation” who has claimed “dozens of competitive eating titles, including downing a world record 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes in July 2011.” That is not a typo. […]

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Pink Slime, I’m Going to Miss You

Poor Pink Slime. The frappéed beef scraps and connective tissues doused in ammonia used in food production has been called to the front of the class for being gross in a room full of politically correct food experts. What took you people so long to get all worked up about Pink Slime? Did you miss […]

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Who Eats Alone Anymore?

Observer’s Scott Reitz named his five favorite places to eat alone in this week’s print edition. Local, Mesa, Bolsa, Yutaka, and Taco Stop made the Lonely List, but who actually ventures out to a restaurant by themselves these days? Anyone who does is either a sketchy guy picking up chicks or glued to their iPhone 4s […]

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