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Making Dallas Even Better

The Best Charcuterie Boards in Dallas

Once-trendy charcuterie boards have become a menu staple in Dallas. More and more restaurants are boasting their own unique plates of cured meats, pickled vegetables, and (sometimes) cheese.

Charcuterie boards are an ideal meal for scorching hot summer days when a burger is too heavy, but a salad doesn’t cut your voracious appetite. Here’s a list of some of the best boards in Dallas.

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Eat This Now: The Snob Sandwich at Grange Hall

Upscale Dallas boutique, Grange Hall is more than a destination for exotic scented candles, Myriam Schaefer leather bags, and Tahitian pearl bracelets. The eclectic shop is also home to a fine dining, lunch-only restaurant. Chef Chad Martin — who’s background includes a stint at the French Room and a decade-long run as executive chef at Hotel St. Germain — is plating playful, and decadent dishes. And the most playful of them all is something called the “Snob Sandwich.”

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Eat This Now: Brisket Cheddar Sausage on a Pretzel Bun

I pulled up a stool at Blind Butcher’s bar a couple of weeks ago. It was 30 minutes after they opened, so I had the entire restaurant to myself, with the exception of a scruffy, young man sitting at the end of the bar. He was working his way through a draft beer and a hardy portion of duck poutine (duck fat fries, cheese curds, duck leg confit, a fried egg, and duck gravy) when I sat down.

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