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Making Dallas Even Better

Drink This Now: Apricot-Peach Oolong at Serj

Our February “Rise and Dine” issue will tell you where to eat. On SideDish, we’re bringing you a series of morning elixirs whose common denominator is caffeine. Some mornings, it’s the apricot peach oolong tea at Serj I crave more than any coffee. Proponents of what’s local, the owners of this cozy coffee shop and bookstore tucked […]

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Drink This Now: Black Hat Coffee from Mercat Bistro

Some mornings, as Edith Piaf might say, you want La Vie en Rose. You want sunlight spilling through windows, that undefinably sweet, relaxed atmosphere of a Parisian cafe, and something barely chic—just a little touch of luxury. You want a black cat coffee at Mercat Bistro.

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Eat This Now: Winter Salads

Perhaps you started the new year with a resolution to eat more salads. Perhaps, three weeks in, you’re now hating your kale, peering morosely at your arugula, wondering if there’s something more exciting to do with the beets you see everywhere. Winter salads don’t have the same appeal as summer salads bursting with bright produce. But they’ve got their own pleasures, and deft chefs know how to play up color and flavor to make them just as gorgeous and delicious.

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Eat This Now: The Burger at Barley & Board

I had no intentions of ordering a burger during my visit to Barley & Board in Denton. I’d eaten enough burgers this year to last a lifetime, and I was interested in indulging in the brewpub’s more playful offerings such as the bacon-wrapped medjool dates with piquillo sauce, and farro risotto with vegetables and spinach purée.

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The Best Charcuterie Boards in Dallas

Once-trendy charcuterie boards have become a menu staple in Dallas. More and more restaurants are boasting their own unique plates of cured meats, pickled vegetables, and (sometimes) cheese.

Charcuterie boards are an ideal meal for scorching hot summer days when a burger is too heavy, but a salad doesn’t cut your voracious appetite. Here’s a list of some of the best boards in Dallas.

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