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Making Dallas Even Better

Keeping Tabs: Henderson Avenue’s The Eberhard

The Eberhard’s strange name refers to Eberhard Anheuser, the “Anheuser” half of Anheuser-Busch beer. It was founded by four of Eberhard’s descendants, who obviously spared no expense in creating this expansive new club: The bar is 65 feet long, glittering chandeliers hang overhead, and there’s an iconic Anheuser-Busch beer wagon parked near the front door. Most of the time, the place has an upscale bar-and-restaurant vibe with plenty of tables, comfortable booths, and flatscreen TVs. Late at night, though, the chairs disappear, the music turns up, and The Eberhard transforms into Henderson’s newest nightclub.

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Texas’ Leading Female Bartenders Shake Up Drinks for Charity

Speed Rack, an all-female bartending competition, is embarking on its fourth national tour, and making its first-ever stop in Dallas this Wednesday, January 14. 21 bartenders from the region will shake up cocktails (from a list of 50 accepted industry-standard classic recipes) and compete for the title of “Miss Speed Rack Dallas.”

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Pour Judgment: Parliament Serves Up Theatrics With Its Cocktails

It’s half past seven on Friday night. Eddie “Lucky” Campbell, who is adorned in his usual attire — a button down baby blue shirt, vest, tie and fedora — is hunched over a block of ice on the patio of his newly-opened bar, with a chainsaw in his hand. The well-known Dallas cocktail slinger, and now bar owner, has a knack for theatrics. Over the course of my time spent at Parliament, I watched bartenders chip away at ice with metal picks, ignite orange twists with blow torches (a common practice when making old fashioneds) and saw through enormous blocks of ice.

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Flashback Friday: A Step Back in Dallas Dining History

I came across this beaut while thumbing through the archives earlier in the week. It’s the December 1982 issue of D Magazine, and you’d better believe that the inside pages are as magnificent as the cover. There’s a story on winter fashion — featuring cashmere-lined leather driving gloves and a raccoon fur coat — one on the art of calligraphy and the cover story, “The Best Drinks in Dallas.” The Grape, Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek (then, just The Mansion) and Stoneleigh P are all featured, as well as a handful of watering holes that have inevitably dried up. Click on the images to enlarge, and take a step back in Dallas dining history.

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Pour Judgment: Great Service and Good Craft Cocktails at the Bowen House

When popular vintage shop Ahab Bowen closed in 2011, Dallas fashionistas were devastated. The house stood unused until five weeks ago, when it reopened as another business honoring the past, Victorian era-themed bar, Bowen House. I stopped by Saturday night at 9 pm to get a feel for the place and to sample the drinks.

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