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Making Dallas Even Better

Taste Tepache: Where to Find the Tropical Elixir in Dallas

I first tasted tepache at the Austin Food & Wine Festival two springs ago. I was one of a few people clustered around tables at a makers’ panel where the brewers from Austin’s Argus Cidery introduced us to this, their latest obsession. It was a project they’d tinkered with, clearly one born of passion and […]

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Keeping Tabs: Henderson Avenue’s The Eberhard

The Eberhard’s strange name refers to Eberhard Anheuser, the “Anheuser” half of Anheuser-Busch beer. It was founded by four of Eberhard’s descendants, who obviously spared no expense in creating this expansive new club: The bar is 65 feet long, glittering chandeliers hang overhead, and there’s an iconic Anheuser-Busch beer wagon parked near the front door. Most of the time, the place has an upscale bar-and-restaurant vibe with plenty of tables, comfortable booths, and flatscreen TVs. Late at night, though, the chairs disappear, the music turns up, and The Eberhard transforms into Henderson’s newest nightclub.

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Texas’ Leading Female Bartenders Shake Up Drinks for Charity

Speed Rack, an all-female bartending competition, is embarking on its fourth national tour, and making its first-ever stop in Dallas this Wednesday, January 14. 21 bartenders from the region will shake up cocktails (from a list of 50 accepted industry-standard classic recipes) and compete for the title of “Miss Speed Rack Dallas.”

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