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Making Dallas Even Better

Taste Test Thursday: Dallas Delivery Pizza

I once watched a Freaky Eaters episode of a 20-something man addicted to pizza. Bread, cheese, and tomato sauce was all he’d eat. No veggies, no nothing. His health suffered, his personal life went down the drain, and he was throwing up some weird gunk every morning.

I finished watching that episode and wanted to eat pizza immediately.
Here’s the thing: You can’t hate pizza. There are all sorts of pizzas, so it’s impossible to dislike. Hate Cane Rosso’s? Go to Zoli’s. Want to dine in? No. Fine. Do take out. Or better yet, sit on your couch and watch the Mavs lose by one point and drop to the eighth seed, while you order a 16-incher and swallow your woes with gobfuls of cheese.

That’s the way we do it here in the Big D. We order for delivery.

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Bisous Bisous, a French Bakery, is Searching for a Retail Spot in Dallas

It takes guts—and a love of macarons—to quit your corporate job after six years, enroll in an intensive pastry program, and start your own French bakery business in Dallas. But Andrea Meyer, head pastry chef and owner of Bisous Bisous Patisserie, did just that.

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March Sadness: Dallas Desserts to Salve Your Bracket Wounds

It’s been a tough weekend. Stanford slayed Kansas and Kentucky beat out the perfect first-seed Wichita State. If you haven’t stepped off your couch and had a good cry yet, maybe you should really consider calling a friend for help. 9-1-1 also works. A good chunk of y’all will need more than a scoop of ice cream to feel better about your brackets.

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First Taste: Bite City Grill in Fort Worth Opens Today

Tucked away in Montgomery Plaza at 2600 West Seventh Street—with a view of Chick-fil-A and a wine shop—is chef Eddy Thretipthuangsin’s Bite City Grill. It officially opens to the public today, the first day of spring. While many restaurants have come and gone in this exact location, Bite has a menu that is built to last. Reservations, which people have booked since March 10, have filled up quickly.

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Dining for Dummies: Italian Edition

I don’t like tomato sauce. Not that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I feel much better. Yes, that means I don’t like traditional, red sauce pizza, spaghetti with tomato sauce, or lasagna. You can imagine what a minefield dining at Italian restaurants is, then. The menus are always terrifying. Even if you, like most normal people, like tomato sauce, Italian menus still can be daunting. Let’s fix that.

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Bite Fight: The Best Tres Leches Cake in Dallas

A fine tres leches cake is a beautiful thing. When there’s creamy vanilla sweetness coupled with a curious balance struck between light and rich, that’s when you know you’ve hit the jackpot. Pastel de tres leches is a dessert with a history soaked in Latin American cross-culturalism, burgeoned by canned milk production in the 1940s, and widely popularized in Texas by the 1990s. Dallas is rife with restaurants offering their own take on this ubiquitous, fluffy dessert, often upping the ante by changing its nomenclature. To find out how many milks it really takes to exemplify this cake, I tasted the tres leches at the health-conscious Kozy Kitchen, the cuatro leches at the trendy La Duni Latin Cafe, and the cinco leches at 2013’s Tex-Mex newcomer Mesero Miguel.

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At SXSW, Dominique Ansel Debuts Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots

While all you guys were busy stuffing croissant-donuts in your face, cronut creator Dominique Ansel was busy experimenting with a new invention. And this time, the New York pastry chef has done the weird-possible. His newest creation, chocolate chip cookie shots, combines America’s favorite dessert-dunking habit into one little edible cup party.

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In Downtown Dallas, Euro-Style Cafe Strada Offers Coffee and Gelato

On Friday, February 28, Gianpiero Lorenzo and Dave Pedack were merely setting up chairs outside of their new cafe for a Facebook photo, when a flood of people stopped by and started enjoying the first fruits of their labor. Lorenzo, from Naples, and Pedack intended to open their brand-new sidewalk street cafe at 1520 Elm Street, aptly named Cafe Strada, quietly. But clearly that didn’t happen.

“We completely sold out of gelato!” Lorenzo tells me. On the very first day, the Euro-style cafe ran out of 20 gallons of house-made gelato. The pistachio, black cherry, and hazelnut mocha—all gone. Only a little bit of mango sorbet was left.

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For the Best Cheesecakes and Sweet Potato Pie, Order From Val’s

As a kid growing up in Haiti, Valery Jean-Bart used to watch the television show, Dallas, and dream of Southern cuisine.

“It’s ironic how I’ve ended up here,” he muses.

After moving to Dallas in 2008 to take a civil engineering job, Jean-Bart (who goes by ‘Val’) decided to start a dessert business with his friend, Christopher Reece. They launched Val’s Food With a Twist 18 months ago, after the Haitian baker spent four years taking care of his mom, sick with terminal cancer.

“I would cook, constantly, and I knew she liked desserts. I would try a different cheesecake, cookie, and different pie. She would always finish the dessert. She never finished her beets or carrots, but she’d finish that one little piece of cheesecake,” Jean-Bart says. For years, he would experiment on Sundays for his mom, who loved cheesecake day.

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The Scoop on Melt Ice Creams in Fort Worth

Brown sugar coffee, lavender honey, and lemon basil sorbet: these are just a few of the homemade flavors planned for the soon-to-be talk of Fort Worth, Melt Ice Creams. (Eater wrote about it earlier this month.) Kari Crowe Seher, Fort Worth photographer/ice cream enthusiast, saw the need over the past few years for an ice cream shop in her Fort Worth neighborhood. After mulling over the idea, Seher got to work.

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Blue Bell Releases New ‘I ♥ Chocolate Ice Cream’ Flavor Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

In Texas, we heart Blue Bell just as much as Floridians love their Publix-brand ice cream. And for a V-Day grinch like me, a gal who has the pleasure of assembling a very long list of places to dine out on February 14, there’s really no joy in all this lovey-dovey frou frou.

But if Valentine’s inspires super-chocolate-desserts like Blue Bell’s newest flavor, I can definitely get on board. The ‘I ♥ Chocolate Ice Cream’ flavor is a game-changer.

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Happy National Pie Day! Celebrate With a Free Slice.

Pie: the destroyer of small waists and tiny figures. But shoot me if I ever have to give up one of the sweetest desserts on this planet. Today is about giving thanks to pie, the creators of pie, and the eaters of pie. We’ve rounded up a few places in town that are serving free slices. (Yes, you heard that right.) Some of them are offering savory kinds, too. I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna celebrate the heck out of this pretend-holiday.

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Hypnotic Donut Dash’s 5K and Chubby Bunny Contest is Happening This Saturday

Hypnotic Donuts is weird, I’ll give you that. This Saturday, January 25, the funky donut shop is encouraging people to eat donuts and then run in their 5K run. Consumption is not absolutely necessary, but it’s definitely part of the fun. (Throwing up is not.) Three donut hole stations will be placed along the route, helping runners to stay in perfect donut shape along the way. There’s a chubby bunny contest starting at 9:30 a.m., so if you’ve got the stretchy cheeks to enter, please do so. We welcome your videos.

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People We Love: Diego Comparin, Paciugo’s Top Taste-Tester

Growing up, gelato was always a birthday treat. Paciugo’s cone was something that I only ate once a year or on very special occasions, given my family’s tendency to prefer the cheapness of Braum’s. After spending a week in Italy over Christmas, eating really fantastic San Crispino gelato in Rome and puke-worthy gelato in a random Florence shop, my loyalties still lie with Paciugo.

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