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Special Report: Cupcake Camp Dallas Invades Royal Oaks Country Club

Our senior cupcake editor, Allison Hatfield, was on special assignment, so we sent the newest member of the SideDish staff, Daniel Walker, to cover the first Cupcake Camp Dallas. Little did I know he’s a cupcake freak as well. Sugar-rush copy to follow: Nowadays, it seems like every new sweet food trend is touted as […]

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Family Valentine’s Day Fun at Spoons

I love downtown McKinney. Great restaurants, fun shopping that isn’t a bunch of antique shops and quilting rooms, and a vibrant artsy vibe. It’s also family friendly especially at the popular Spoons Cafe. For Valentine’s Day, they’re hosting their annual cupcake decorating and Valentine buffet family feast. Chow down on meatloaf, chicken fried steak, fried […]

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World Piece Cafe is History. Rene Peeters Opens Bistro Watel’s in Dallas

I just got a GTalk telling me Christopher Wynn got a message on Facebook and posted a story with a link to breaking news over at PegNews. Apparently Rene Peeters, owner of World Piece Cafe on Greenville Ave., likes Teresa Gubbins the best. She has the scoop of the day. Peeters is taking over the […]

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Ding Dong Dimples Cupcakes is Dead

Whilst I was immersed in The King’s Speech at the Angelika Theater, Teresa Gubbins was busily reporting the demise of Dimples Cupcakes. According to La Gubb’s source for the news, owner Chad Sorrells, the devastation of the Dimples dynasty was due to unsupportive landlords and this article in D Magazine (note to TG: D Magazine […]

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Life is Certainly Sweet When Dallas Chefs Help Best Buddies

Wednesday night Andrew Ormsby, Randall Copeland, John Tesar, Janice Provost and more showcased seductively sweet desserts to raise funds for Best Buddies Texas in the first annual Life is Sweet Pastry Chef Showcase  at Victoria Hall inside Andrew Ormsby Catering.

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Cupcake-gate: We Smelled Something Funny About Dimples Cupcakes

We eat a lot of cupcakes around the office. In fact, our office is divided when it comes to Sprinkles lovers, Tart fans, and Dimples devotes. However, we started getting messages from unhappy Dimples workers and assigned freelancer Pam Kripke to check it out. Here is her story. The cupcake is a remarkable thing. It […]

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Cupcake Tea at The Ritz-Carlton Dallas

Starting on Halloween and continuing on select Sundays through December, The Ritz will trade the finger sandwiches and scones of its traditional afternoon tea for festive cupcakes. Mini cupcakes in Texas-inspired flavors will come with hot tea, coffee, chocolate, and cider selections. Or you can go for pink champagne. Chef Morgan Wilson’s Halloween cupcake flavors include […]

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Sprinkles Dallas Selling Cupcakes To Benefit Hunger Busters

Like you need another excuse to go to Sprinkles: the cupcake shop has partnered with Hunger Busters to “provide Dallas schoolchildren who participate in subsidized breakfast and lunch meal plans with a nutritious and sustaining third meal of the day,” according to the press release. The benefit runs Monday through Friday (August 23-28) and 100 percent […]

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CuriousDish: What’s Hot in Dallas, What’s Not?

Lady Gaga, the new Madonna. Trends come and trends go.  Some of us witnessed the frozen yogurt craze in the 80s and early 90s.  Now it’s back in a big way.  Or is it gone already?  Are we really, as DMN’s Leslie Brenner contends, in the midst of a taco uptrend?  Or is she very […]

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Calling All Cake Balls! You’re the New Cupcake!

Photo by D Magazine cupcake editor, Allison Hatfield. Last year we talked about Robin Ankeny’s Cake Ball Company in East Dallas. She swiped her mom’s recipe and started a small company in her house. Now she’s big time with a storefront, industrial kitchen, and a delivery service. You might say she’s balls to the walls. […]

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Restaurant Review: Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill in North Dallas

Red chili camarones. (Photo by Kevin Marple) Teresa Gubbins takes a look at Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill in North Dallas, home of the “Hungry Cougars.” If you are a young man looking for a good meal, KWFG has everything you’re looking for in a restaurant. And some food too.

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What is the Next Dallas Food Trend?

We’ve had petit fours, cupcakes, whoopie pies (sorta), and frozen yogurt. If you had a million dollars, check that, I mean at least two million dollars, what new “trend” or would you bet on? Probably too late for a taco joint. What’s the next big deal?

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Whole Foods on Park Lane Looks to Enable Alcoholics, Foodie Supremacists

The wave of “Park Lane Whole Foods Grand Opening, Coming Soon!” hoopla has taken over the local news outlets, and I didn’t get what the big deal was until D‘s Krista Nightengale and I took a tour today. The new Who’Fo’ is basically like others around town, but it seems better-planned and more indulgent. If […]

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