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D Magazine Announces New FREE iPhone App: D Recommends

Happy Monday, Dishers. We’ve got a free gift for you. Now you can find all of our dining, events, and nightlife listings under one umbrella—our new D Recommends iPhone app. (It’s so easy I can do it!) Once you’ve downloaded the app here, the searches are simple. You can find a specific restaurants and those […]

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D Magazine Launches New Restaurant Directory

Dallas, meet your favorite new way to search for restaurants. We spent the better part of a year updating editorial content and reviews, simplifying searches, and adding story links to over 1,200 restaurant listings. It’s your tool to find just those experiences we recommend—a curated and constantly updated list of the best stuff to eat. […]

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Molecular Gastronomy at Bijoux in Dallas

This summer, I have been uncovering underground nests of molecular gastronomy buried between the ubiquitious steak houses in Dallas. Earlier this week, I heard from a local gorge profonde that MG had  infiltrated the kitchens at Bijoux. I had to investigate. Bijoux owner/execuchef Scott Gottlich sees MG techniques as an additional string to his bow. […]

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Fire and Ice: Fuego Opens at Stephan Pyles in Dallas

After months of anticipation, months more of discovery, and a year of of experimentation, Fuego, the small restaurant within a restaurant, has opened inside  Stephan Pyles, the restaurant. For now, Fuego is the most exclusive eating event in town–the menu features a few preparation techniques used by molecular gastronomists combined with cooking and baking in […]

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Pop-Tarts the New Cake Balls?

Pop-Tart World is a cafĂ© in Times Square dedicated solely to exotic versions of the once (and still, IMO) lowly Pop-Tart. The “promoters” (love the emerging term to replace restaurateurs) of Pop-Tart World offer build-your own PTs, Fluffer Butter (marshmallow spread sandwiched between two Pop-Tarts frosted fudge pastries), Sticky Cinna Munchies (cinnamon rolls topped with […]

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Molecular Gastronomy at Nana in Dallas

In response to some of my earlier posts about molecular gastronomy, some commentators noted Anthony Bombaci at Nana Restaurant at the Hilton Anatole Hotel is also using MG techniques in some of his cooking. I had to investigate. I checked the Nana website. No mention of molecular gastronomy. I walked into the north lobby of […]

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Stephan Pyles Talks About Molecular Gastronomy at Fuego in Dallas

Stephan Pyles reinvents the wheel. Well, he introduces molecular gastronomy to Dallas. Same difference. On August 5, Stephan Pyles will debut Fuego, a 4-seat “restaurant” in front of the wood-burning oven inside his restaurant Stephan Pyles. Fuego will feature a 7-10 course tasting menu that will include many items created with molecular gastronomy techniques along […]

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Fearing’s Restaurant in Dallas Unveils iPhone App

No they aren’t serving iPhones as appetizers, Fearing’s is offering an application for your iPhone. Here’s the poop: Featuring full text and imagery of the restaurant, the new application is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It also can be forwarded as a link to user contacts via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. Exclusive […]

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In-N-Out Burger in Dallas: Let’s Talk About It

Animal style double double in Long Beach. My good friend Evan and I like to go to In-N-Out Burger. On a slow news day Evan half-heartedly encourages me to “throw up a post” on In-N-Out to get SideDish moving. It’s a hot topic and it keeps Twinwillow busy. Rumors about In-N-Out Burger coming to Dallas […]

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Dallas Restaurants: What Do We Need?

What kind of restaurant would Major Tony Nelson and Jeannie do in Dallas? I was having a conversation with a “highly educated” person the other night and he said, “Dallas really needs a great burger place.” I was stunned. When I asked him what places he liked, he reeled off spots—Chips, Goff’s, Neighborhood Services—that were […]

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The Munson Wine Trail: Homestead Winery, Making Sherry in North Texas

In the video above, Gabe Parker, owner of Homestead Winery, discusses the winery’s La Bodega de Mitchell sherry with Andrew Chalk. Below, is Chalk’s report on the sherry production at Homestead Winery. Every now and again, you discover a really memorable wine. It usually happens when you least expect it. Such was the case on […]

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Opulence in the Time of Recession: Ten15 Elm Restaurant to Open in Downtown Dallas

It sounds like somebody still has some money and big ideas. “Listen” to this: “High-end design and sensual opulence return to nightlife in Downtown Dallas this fall. Thrive, a Las Vegas style nightclub and Ten15 Elm restaurant will be in the new 20,000 square foot edition to the Downtown Dallas Crowne Plaza Hotel set to […]

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Southwest Foodservice Expo: Disher Video Reports

Wow. Disher Andrew Chalk took his job at the Expo seriously. He just turned in video clips of the oddest finds at the show. Put on your earplugs and enjoy. (You know where to put the cork.) Great stuff, Andrew. First up: Coffee made from civet cat poop. Second: The cutlery eating machine. Third: Food […]

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Southwest Foodservice Expo: Reports From Day One

Yesterday, the Southwest Foodservice Expo opened for a three-day run at the Dallas Convention Center. I spent most of the day wandering the halls with InsideCorner’s Evan “Grumpy” Grant. We bumped in to PegNews’ Teresa Gubbins and Marc Lee, Mark and Gena Maguire, Herschel Walker, Amy Severson, Lee Fuqua, and Richard Chamberlain. I hope the […]

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