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Making Dallas Even Better

Bizarre Foods America Eats Dallas Tonight on Travel Channel

Check out tonight’s episode of Bizarre Foods America at 8PM on the Travel Channel and you’ll see some familiar faces. Host Andrew Zimmern, the man who once consumed fried piglet testicles, eats some weird food in Dallas and and Fort Worth.

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Let Half Pint Palates Help You Raise a Gourmet Baby

The charismatic founder of Half Pint Palates, a direct-delivery frozen-baby-food company that began service in 2013, started her culinary education on a livestock farm in western Kentucky. Growing up with a garden that produced most of the veggies her family ate exposed her to quality you can’t get at most grocery stores. “That’s where I learned my passion for food and flavor,” Anderson says.

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Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Collide Thursday: Plan a Mashup Meal

Yesterday, Jeffrey Weiss at the DMN wrote an interesting piece on how, for the first time in history, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah celebrations ended up on the same day. His “dissimilar calendar” calculations are over my head, but make for an interesting read. Spoiler alert! He writes:

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7 Reasons Why You Should Attend Flavor! Napa Valley Next Year

Let’s be real, now. There’s no better place for a serious getaway trip than Wine Country. Napa may be a small, touristy town, but it’s one of those rare parts of the world where time stops and people start aging backwards. I’m quite serious. The trees and leaves turn orange-yellow-red when it’s fall, there’s a […]

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Kent Rathbun’s Popular The Dirty Dozen Cooking Classes Announced

Heads up home gourmets. Reservations for Kent Rathbun’s Dirty Dozen Cooking Classes will begin (and most likely end) tomorrow. Here’s the deal: Students arrive at Abacus in Dallas on a Sundayafternoon and receive a personalized Kent Rathbun Concepts chef’s coat. The class is then divided into four teams. The teams are headed up by the Abacus […]

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My Five Cents: Help Me Understand Gluten-Free

I get emails all of the time from companies selling gluten-free products. I usually forward them to my sister who is researching gluten-free food because one of her daughters is highly sensitive to gluten. My 14-year old niece tested negative for celiac, but once my sister put her on a gluten-free diet, my niece’s body […]

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