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Making Dallas Even Better

Meddlesome Moth Announces New Executive Chef, Robbie Lewis

The Meddlesome Moth has a new executive chef and a new fall menu. Robbie Lewis will take over for Joe Synatschk’s place as executive chef at the Moth. David McMillan will continue to oversees the menus at Moth and the Bird Café in Fort Worth. Lewis’ resume such positions as executive chef and sous chef at various restaurants including The Mansion, The Green Room, Salum Restaurant, Texas Spice at the Omni Hotel, and The Grape. He and McMillan have created quite an exquisite gastropub menu which includes Pig & Fig (Texas field pea mash, fig barbecue, and blue cheese), a whole trotter with pistachio, ham, and collards; and South Carolina squab with celery root and rhubarb.

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Meet the Owners of Greenville Avenue Pizza Company

The Greenville Avenue Pizza Company we have come to know and love over the past seven years has changed. Put down that box of tissues and rest easy, though, because with this wave of change comes a refreshing interior, innovative range of toppings, and ease in the late-night flow of foot traffic. Pizza maker Sammy Mandell and “First Pizza Lady” Molly Mandell gave us a glimpse into their journey over the years, and and idea of what exactly makes their pizza so enticing. From a menu full of hashtags — like #MeatCandy — to a communal wooden table stretching through the back, this place still delivers that same crisp, cheesy pie-perfection, but with a polished update.

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Bolsa Mercado to Change From Grocery Store to Grocerant

Bolsa Mercado is growing from a grocery store to a grocerant.Now customers can sip a glass of wine or drink a beer while shopping or dining in the market. The new designation also allows the space to host private parties and chef dinners. Will you miss your dinners for two?

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Bizarre Foods America Eats Dallas Tonight on Travel Channel

Check out tonight’s episode of Bizarre Foods America at 8PM on the Travel Channel and you’ll see some familiar faces. Host Andrew Zimmern, the man who once consumed fried piglet testicles, eats some weird food in Dallas and and Fort Worth.

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