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Making Dallas Even Better

Sriracha’s Factory Won’t Be Moving to Texas After All… At Least For Now

According to Grub Street, Dallas-based state rep Jason Villalba’s pleas to get Huy Fong Food’s Sriracha in Texas are going unanswered. His letter to owner David Tran is being met with radio silence. Farraz Khan, who wrote about Denton councilman Kevin Roden, also mentions in this month’s issue that Roden has had no luck, either.

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Find Out What Your Fridge Says About Your Dating Life. I Did.

John Stonehill is a refrigerator dating expert. Since I’m a single girl with a refrigerator and a blank dance card, I decided to make an appointment with Stonehill. How many chances does one get to located a man who, like me, has gin and live meal worms in his fridge?

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Shortage of Speculoos Cookie Butter at Trader Joe’s

Oh. My. God. Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins has uncovered the startling news. I will not steal her thunder because her story is deliciously funny. I supposed hoarders are selling on eBay.    

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Into Shelley’s Belly: Sammy’s Bar-B-Q

I spent most of the weekend perfecting my brush flow, diminishing concentrics, and dancing with the spirit that moves through all things, so pardon any tiresome attitude with which I convey my most recent lunchtime excursion at Sammy’s Bar-B-Q. I know most of you are familiar with Sammy’s. It’s been here a long time, and it’s […]

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