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Making Dallas Even Better

Downtown Gets New Coffee Shop/Bookstore

Anne Holcomb spent some time in Argentina, where she fell in love with the bookstores and coffee shops. “They were very much my touchstones in a foreign land,” she says. When she left Argentina, she moved to Dallas, where she thought she’d be a theater teacher. But she came to Dallas in the middle of a recession, and things didn’t go as planned. She worked at a furniture store, and got into meditation. That’s where she met John Walsh. And that’s when they hatched the idea to start a business together.

On Halloween, Holcomb and Walsh (who haven’t given themselves titles yet, but we’ll call them the owners/managers) opened Serj Books, downtown Dallas’ newest coffee shop/bookstore. The small space, near the Saint Paul DART stop, is quaint. There’s a large bar where Holcomb and Walsh create drinks, a few tables with paper and crayons on top to encourage doodling, wood-paneled walls holding books, and signage with the Joke of the Day listed alongside Soup of the Day (try the chili, Holcomb’s recipe).

When you walk in, you’re immediately greeted by Walsh, who is eager to tell you the joke of the day. (What do you call bears without shoes? Barefoot.) Be prepared to hang out for a minute—it’s a slow bar. Take a look at the books, which is a varied collection, including children’s books, pop culture, cooking books, and a book by local publisher Deep Vellum. Holcomb says the collection is something that will evolve as the shop evolves.

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Murray Street Coffee May Pour Its Last Cup on Monday

Murray Street Coffee posted a Facebook message tonight:

Landlord just popped a big, ugly surprise on us. We need to sell a bunch of $50 or $100 coffee cards to stay open. Immediately. Wanna help? If we don’t sell enough cards, we’ll refund your money…

I reached out to owner Doug Davis to verify the situation. “I only just learned about this today at 3 or 4 p.m.” Davis explains. The shop’s landlords dropped off a letter yesterday when neither him nor his wife (and co-owner), Liz were working. “She was excited when she saw it today, she thought it was circus tickets or something,” he said. Not quite.

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Hypnotic Donuts & Cultivar Coffee Open New Denton Location

Denton residents will be elated to know that a new Hypnotic Donuts and Cultivar Coffee location is opening at 235 W. Hickory Street. There was an open house this past Sunday, and the official opening is tomorrow, Wednesday, September 3. Cultivar Coffee, voted Best of Big D last year, will operate separately from Hypnotic, but […]

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Distinguished Drinkers: Coffee With Todd Johnson

Today, we debut Distinguished Drinkers : a series for Dallasites who love quality drinks and enjoyable ambiances. Whether you’re looking for the most robust cup of coffee to start your day or a smooth gin and tonic to end it, there are many notable coffee shops and bars in North Texas, and we offer you a personable way to discover the best of the best.

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In Downtown Dallas, Euro-Style Cafe Strada Offers Coffee and Gelato

On Friday, February 28, Gianpiero Lorenzo and Dave Pedack were merely setting up chairs outside of their new cafe for a Facebook photo, when a flood of people stopped by and started enjoying the first fruits of their labor. Lorenzo, from Naples, and Pedack intended to open their brand-new sidewalk street cafe at 1520 Elm Street, aptly named Cafe Strada, quietly. But clearly that didn’t happen.

“We completely sold out of gelato!” Lorenzo tells me. On the very first day, the Euro-style cafe ran out of 20 gallons of house-made gelato. The pistachio, black cherry, and hazelnut mocha—all gone. Only a little bit of mango sorbet was left.

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