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First Take: Kate Weiser Chocolate

The newest Trinity Groves concept, Kate Weiser Chocolate, is definitely an experience. The modern little spot has so much color everywhere, mostly originating from the giant wall of Kate’s painted face, but also from the gorgeous display case of chocolates. Every piece is hand-painted and one-of-a-kind, and the flavors are certainly not your average mall-store […]

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The Localist: Dr. Sue’s Cherry Pecan Bark

Dark chocolate consumption is a bona fide guilty pleasure of mine that I partake in regularly. In preparation for the upcoming Easter holiday, I have spent a great deal of time visiting some of the city’s most popular chocolatiers to stock up on gifts. Last weekend while visiting downtown McKinney, I made one of my favorite discoveries to date: the dark chocolate bark line from Dr. Sue’s Chocolate.

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Six Restaurant Openings in Dallas That Get Us Excited About 2014

It’s sad to say goodbye to 2013. ‘Twas a good year in Dallas dining.

We picked Dallas’ 100 best restaurants, our 10 favorite new restaurants, and almost made Nancy work to death. I think she was sick for a good two or three months after those issues came out.

Well, it’s a new year. Cheers to good health, fewer doctors visits, and more reasons to eat out. Here are six of them, in case you couldn’t tell by the title of this post. We’re pretty excited about these restaurants openings in 2014.

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Where to Celebrate Halloween in Dallas with Food and Drink

With Halloween almost upon us, you’ve probably been inundated with costume event after costume event. Sure, you already know where to party and where to go for a spooky haunted house, but you don’t know where to eat and drink… yet. In about two seconds, you will. I’ve got a whole list ready for y’all. […]

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Cacao Revival at the Dallas Chocolate Conference and Festival

On October 26, the fourth annual Dallas Chocolate Conference and Festival in Addison Conference Centre treated guests to sweet tastings. Pastry chefs and chocolatiers from around the country showcased their finest pieces of eatable art for all to see. “This is probably the most vendors we have had ever,” Sander Wolf, the organizer of the festival said. “The […]

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People We Love: Sander Wolf is Giving Away Two Tickets to His Chocolate Festival

In four full days, Dallas will be celebrating its fourth annual Chocolate Conference & Festival at the Addison Conference Center from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. This big one-day hullabaloo—which you’d think had a team of crazy, gung-ho chocolate people behind it—is actually the work of one man. Sander Wolf. During the day, he’s a computer […]

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Kitchen LTO Delays Opening to Wednesday, September 11

I’ve already typed out all the details for Kitchen LTO here, so I don’t feel the need to talk your ears off again. (Short version: Norman Grimms is the chef, Coeval Studios designed the space.) This modern French/American restaurant will only last four months until a new chef and designer team takes over Kitchen LTO, […]

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Tickets for Dallas Chocolate Conference & Festival Available Now

The Dallas Chocolate Conference & Festival, presented by, will take place on October 26, 2013, at the Addison Conference Centre. This will mark the 4th time for the popular event that includes specialty classes, discussions, and activities led by some of the chocolate industry’s most reputable experts. And tastings. Lots of time to taste chocolate […]

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