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Making Dallas Even Better

Best of Big D: Who Makes the Best Fried Chicken in Dallas?

Some people say the best fried bird in Dallas is Babe’s. Others say Pecan Lodge. I’m personally a big fan of Sissy’s and Rudy’s Chicken. (It’s impossible not to love a place with the tagline: “So good you’ll slap yo mammas mama.” Am I right?)

If you don’t agree, do something about it. Flap your wings, make your voice heard, and cast your vote.

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To Detect and Serve: The Wild Detectives Brews Excellent Coffee

Now that Matthew McConaughey’s taut, sinewy body is done brain-screwing us with his apathetic, brooding intensity, it’s time to turn our affections to the new detectives in town. The Wild Detectives opened last month inside a small house just east of the Bishop Arts District at 314 West Eighth Street. It’s snuggled in between neighboring houses, and there’s a little Chihuahua next door with a surly attitude towards visitors. He keeps his distance, though.

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Taste Test Thursday: Chicken Salad

Last week, I ate lunch with a co-worker and spent most of the time imagining myself stealing her Whole Foods’ Sonoma chicken salad. If I just maneuvered my hand there, pointed to a faraway object, and ran away… my plan could actually work.

All hopes were dashed when I realized she was spooning out her last few bites.

Life sucks, sometimes.

The good news: I do a taste test every week. And this means I can eat as much chicken freakin’ salad as I want. For research, I used this list that you, readers, curated in 2012, when Nancy asked where to find the best chicken salad in Dallas. Y’all said Empire, Festive Kitchen, Zoes, Central Market, and Whole Foods. And there I went.

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Bonchon Chicken is Shutting Down For a Few Days, After Being Open For a Week-ish

Bonchon Chicken, the Korean fried chicken place that everyone’s been talking about, has decided to go back to the drawing board. Square one. We wrote about the not-so-hot quality of food on Bonchon’s opening day (officially last Wednesday), but it looks like this chain restaurant has been struggling with quality the entire week since. At least the owners are owning up to the issues and fixing things before they get out of hand. Fist bump. Read on:

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Dallas’ BonChon Korean Fried Chicken Has a Thicker Batter

BonChon Chicken, the famous franchise based in South Korea, has been (officially) open a total of two days on 5500 Greenville Avenue, Suite 1300, and I’m fairly certain 75% of everyone I know has already been there. It’s a slight exaggeration, but still.

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Food News and Booze (9/19/13)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, SideDishers! According to the lunar calendar, today is the day the moon is the biggest and brightest. Chinese people exchange and eat mooncakes filled with red bean, egg yolks, and a bunch of other sweet and savory flavors leading up to the festival. You can still buy mooncakes at Jeng Chi in Richardson. […]

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Restaurant Review: Chicken Scratch

As seen in our July 2013 issue. As chef and co-owner Tim Byres explains it, ditching Chicken Scratch’s bone-in fried chicken breasts for fried chicken biscuit sandwiches was a reaction to customer demand, making the hip home-cooking spot and its next-door sibling bar The Foundry a cohesive experience. It’s not that the previous menu was […]

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Food News and No Booze (5/30/13)

Leslie Brenner takes down Stephan Pyles in this week’s dining review. Yay for getting past the paywall! The Dallas Morning News’ dining critic asks Mr. Pyles what’s up with his unseasonal menu and why she received such poor service at his eponymous restaurant. The copywriter of Chicken Scratch’s new billboard is launched into Reddit stardom. And just think: All […]

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Rudy’s Chicken Really is “So Good You’ll Slap Yo Mammas Mamma”

Ever since I stumbled upon Rudy’s Chicken’s Facebook page, I’ve been meaning to visit this South Dallas icon at 3115 S. Lancaster Rd., where the neighborhood goes for its chicken. And, truthfully, any page with the tagline of “CHICKEN SO GOOD YOU’LL SLAP YO MAMMAS MAMMA” gets my blood flowing. It makes me want to […]

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Best of Big D 2013: Who Serves the Best Fried Chicken in Dallas?

I stumbled upon Rudy’s Chicken’s Facebook page the other day and almost choked. The first few things I noticed: The “About” section reads: “CHICKEN SO GOOD YOU’LL SLAP YO MAMMAS MAMMA.” The profile pic (the one and only photo) is a sign of their drive thru sign. I guess Rudy’s doesn’t want to show off […]

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Dallas-Area Farm to Market Report Weekend of August 18-19

This week’s report was filed, in alphabetical order, by Lesley Mann Lynch. Go. Shop. Report. Take advantage of the heat reprieve we’re getting this weekend (highs in the low 90s) and go roam your local famer’s market. Scattered showers are predicted, but don’t let that keep you indoors. Most of the markets are running at full […]

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Look What I Made: Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza

This is a gratuitous combination of stuff. A mashup. Everybody loves a good mashup. Maybe even a little too much. The existence of the KFC “famous bowl” and people who put bacon on everything prove that. This mashup is way less, frankly, bonkers than those. Masala is tomato based, so using it as a pizza […]

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Special Report: People Who Raise Chickens in Their Backyard

I’m a bird lover and a lover of fried chicken. Yes, it’s an anomaly I shove to the back of my brain when I dine. I’m also a dog lover but, because I consider them pets, I don’t eat them. Yes, it’s a fine line or stone’s throw (insert your favorite cliche here) away from […]

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Happy Friday! Get a Free Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Cafe Brazil. Offer Lasts Until 3 P.M.

Bradford Pearson over at Oak Cliff People just alerted me to a good deal that ends before 3 p.m. today. If you follow these simple steps from Cafe Brazil’s website, you can earn yourself a free spicy chicken sandwich. Must purchase a drink – any drink You must print off this blog post and present […]

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