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Working the Line: New Girl

As you’ve probably figured out, I am a woman in the culinary industry. Is my gender a relevant factor of my experience in the kitchen? Of course. Should it be? That’s debatable.

Every day is spent sweating and getting hot oil splashed onto my face. The tiny hairs on my hands and forearms are nearly nonexistent now because of the blazing hot flames that ascend from our massive gas stoves. I burn myself at least once a week and manage to cut myself about once a month. (It used to happen more frequently, which was super embarrassing, not to mention painful.) These things happen to every line cook, but I apparently seem more badass because I’m of the “fairer” sex.

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Julio Peraza is the New Executive Chef at Komali

After last week’s chef-swap circus—in which we discovered that Ian Tate was no longer manning the ship at Salum and Komali—chef/owner Abraham Salum has moved on and found a replacement, quickly. Julio Peraza is taking the former place of Tate at Komali. He hails from El Salvador, and he was working at American Fish in Las Vegas before he moved to Dallas.

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Chef Stefano Secchi and Shilo: An Italian Immigrant’s Debt to America

Chef Stefano Secchi—a Southern Methodist University and Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park graduate, youngest chef ever invited to cook at The James Beard House, and current consulting chef for America Airlines—has talent that thrives beyond the kitchen. Two plus years ago, he traveled to the Sardinia homeland of his father to make a movie inspired by stories told by his dad and uncle. He wanted to tell a story of their lives in Italy and the process of immigrating to America.

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Working the Line: An Introduction

Dear SideDish readers,

I am your friendly, and sometimes not-so-friendly, neighborhood line cook. I work at one of the many fine dining restaurants in DFW. Week to week, I’ll be sharing my experiences with you: the good, the bad, the funny, and the infuriating. Working as a line cook is not exactly glamorous, but I do it because I love food, and because I’m a bit of a masochist. By now, you’ve probably noticed that my actual name is not on the byline. This allows me to share more insight into my life and work.

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Cotes du Coeur 2014 Chefs Announced Last Night

Last night Chef Richard Chamberlain, of Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House and Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill, along with the staff and volunteers of the American Heart Association welcomed many of his fellow local chef friends to the Sub-Zero Wolf showroom.

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Ian Tate Takes Over the Kitchens at Salum and Komali. Anastacia Quinones Takes Teaching Job

Yesterday it was announced Ian Tate, formerly of Brownstone, Rathbun’s Blue Plate, Nova, and The Slow Bone, was hired to oversee the kitchens of Salum and Komali. I contacted Anastacia “AQ” Quinones of Komali to find out how this affected her job. “I didn’t want to say anything until they found a replacement,” Quinones says. […]

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Graham Dodds to Leave Central 214 to Join Consilient Restaurants

I was fact checking some recipes for D: The Cookbook and chatting with Central 214 chef Graham Dodds. After finalizing the details of his cabrito recipe, Dodds said, ever so casually, “I just gave my two weeks notice.” Dodds, who is credited with being one of the first chefs to spotlight local products, is signing […]

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Dallas Restaurateurs Produce a Local CBS Show Called Local Fare

Restaurateurs Kyle Noonan and Josh Sepkowitz of FreeRange Concepts are at it again. But this time it’s not a bowling alley/restaurant, canine-friendly cantina, or lounge restoration. Instead, they want us to watch amateur critics (i.e. viewers like you) discuss favorite neighborhood eateries on the new series Local Fare. Alas, self-acclaimed foodies are no longer restricted […]

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