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Making Dallas Even Better

Former Deep Ellum Café Chef Brian Hennington Returns to Update AllGood Café Menu

Who remembers the glory days of the Deep Ellum Café and chef Brian Hennington? He returned to help buddy Mike Snider upgrade the menu at AllGood Cafe.

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Chef Samir, From Mashed Potato Sandwiches to the James Beard House

Nick & Sam’s executive chef, Samir Dhurandhar has come a long way thanks to an approach to the dining experience that many others could tear a page from. “Never take your guests for granted,” Samir says. “Take the best care of them and everything else will fall into place.”

Thanks to that driving ethos, it’s no wonder the James Beard House invited Samir to prepare a dinner. After all, there’s a reason so many food writers compare a chef receiving an invitation to “perform” at the James Beard House as the equivalent of a musician being invited to play at Carnegie Hall.

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