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Making Dallas Even Better

Trader Joe’s in Plano Will Open on September 7

The culinarily curious only have to wait until September 7, just one week from today. That’s the date set for the grand opening on Trader Joe’s in Plano. If you want to do more than shop at Trader Joe’s, you can click here and apply for a job.(They offer full benefits and 10% off store […]

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Confession: I am Guilty of a Heinous Wine Crime

Forgive me Master Sommeliers and wine collectors around the world, I have sinned. I am here to confess my deepest darkest wine secret: I improperly stored four bottles of fabulous wine. For nearly 35 years. Look at the photos and weep with (for?) me. I recently uncovered these bottles in a box buried beneath a […]

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History of Dallas Food: Prohibition in Dallas, Part 1

Inspired by the first two episodes of Ken Burn’s Prohibition on KERA, Amy Severson and I did a little digging into some of the details of what was going on in Dallas before, during, and after prohibition. The third, and final, episode is tonight at 9PM. It’s been a fascinating documentary. Today, we scratch the […]

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Update on Trader Joe’s in Dallas

Leave it to Teresa “Gumshoe” Gubbins to find a snitch in Trader Joe’s camp. Since the grocery chain announced they were planning locations in Dallas last May, they have been quite secretive about their locations. According to TG, you can rule out the former location on Greenville Ave. Her Deep Throat coughs up three possible […]

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Wino News: Big Wine Sale at Sigel’s in Addsion

It’s a bummer to learn many restaurants can’t afford to pick up the wine they’ve ordered after it arrives at Sigel’s in Addison. In many cases (HAH!) a restaurant may not pick up the order because they’ve  changed their list or their wine-by-the glass selections. No matter the reason, Sigel’s has a huge inventory they […]

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