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Making Dallas Even Better

Eat This Now: The Reuben at Royal Blue Grocery

Aside from the tacos, coffee, flowers and other grab-and-go items at Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park Village, there is a wonderful treat to be had in the form of a sandwich. Sandwiches are probably the best thing there is, except maybe for the ability to fly or unlimited beer with no hangover. World peace and unchecked prosperity may […]

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8 Cheap Eats in Maui

You’re spending a life-saving’s worth of money on a crazy-expensive trip to Hawaii, and the hotel/resort is baller. Absolutely amazing. You’ve got a beach view, martinis with a hand wave, and infinity pools so clean, you could drink the water. Now, eating is a different story. In Maui—should you choose to visit this island of dreams—the food is fantastic and the prices are even better. You can eat like a king for $15 or less with every meal. You just have to know where to go. Here’s where we come in.

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Forget the Mambo Taxi, Here’s the Only Drink Conan O’ Brien Should Have in Dallas

So no offense to Angie Harmon, but the Mambo Taxi no longer reigns as the best frozen margarita in Dallas. She has been in Hollywood La-La-Land for too long. The late-night talk show host already visited Al Biernat’s on Saturday night, but if he leaves without drinking one of Pakpao’s Chula-rita Swirls, he’s in for big cryfest upon his return Los Angeles.

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Bygone Bites: A Review of Fish Sticks

Being raised by an Irish-Catholic mother back in the mid-20th century meant no meat on Fridays. That proved to be a challenge for mother. But coming to her rescue was a relatively new product — Gorton’s Fish Sticks. Why, it had even won the Parents Magazine Seal of Approval in 1953.

The sticks looked like flattened piano keys covered in crumbs. After spending time on a cookie sheet in an oven, they would emerge crispy on the outside. The interior was another story. Depending on our mother’s time-keeping, the fish fillets would either be overly done or borderline sushi encased in crumbs. Every now and then, they would turn out just right. But like hot dogs in need of mustard, the sticks required a dunking in either ketchup or tartar sauce. In our household, it was usually ketchup because tartar sauce required being made from scratch.

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Should Monkey King Noodle Co. Switch From Hand-Pulled Noodles to a Machine?

Monkey King Noodle Co., the tiny food stand in Deep Ellum that boasts hand-pulled noodles, is experiencing a slight demand and supply problem these days. Demand has increased, but supply has stayed the same. Owners Michelle Midyette, Andrew Chen, and Michael Chen have toyed with the thought of buying a machine that will increase noodle production, but they’re not sure if this is the best way for the restaurant to grow. After all, it’s their first business together.

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Eat This Now: Deep Fried Corn at Off the Bone Barbeque

Last week, I took a trip down barbecue lane with Matt Shelley and the BBQ Snob (aka Daniel Vaughn, Texas Monthly’s barbecue editor). I can’t even recall our conversation at Off the Bone Barbeque; I was so preoccupied with a beautiful container of cheese fries, loaded up with green onions, bacon, brisket, peppers, and all this other good, but bad-for-you stuff.

But the fried corn was by far the best part of the meal.

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Taste Test Thursday: Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips

Twenty, thirty years from now, our children’s children will be reading their U.S. History books, and there will be a chapter titled, “Potato Chips: The Downfall of America.” I kid you not.

(Case in point: The lengthy time it’s taking me to write this post due to the five opened and alluring bags of salt and vinegar chips covering my desk. Yes, if I keep this up, I will be a 300-lb. woman soon.)

But let’s be real. Salt and vinegar chips are the reason why our pants sizes are one size too big. They’re aggressively addicting. And the only way I’ll be able to finish writing this intro is if I move my five bags of chips to the other side of the room. Okay. I’ll do that right now. And while I do that, you should keep reading to find out which bag holds the the truest salt-and-vinegar combo.

Deal? Deal.

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My Top 10 Cheap Bites of 2013 in Dallas-Fort Worth

Everyone who knows me (especially D Magazine people who observe my snacking habits like a zoo animal. Ahem.) know that I’m not a fine-dining person. I love fine-dining, sure. But in my element, I am a cheap eater. I was born on a budget, I live on a budget, and I like to save money like it’s nobody’s business. Some may even describe it as a fault.

A good meal under $10 can make me the happiest person alive.

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Cotton Candy DJs Spin Fluffpops for North Texas

Cotton candy is all grown up. No longer relegated to descriptive flavors like pink and blue, Fluffpops is reinventing the sugary treat for a more mature audience. Spun in small-scale cotton candy machines designed by Fluffpops founder Yasmeen Tadia, the sweet-on-a-stick is far from the sticky mess of State Fair memories I associate with cotton […]

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