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Making Dallas Even Better

“Dewhurst Bill” Will Allow You to BYOB to Any Restaurant: And Dallas Restaurateurs Are Mad

In case you missed our discussion of the pending “Dewhurst Bill,” I’ll give you a moment to read this and this. This morning chef Daniel Landsberg of Tillman’s sent out a call to arms to his fellow restaurateurs. He says: I am sure you all are aware of this wine bill dewhurst is going to […]

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More On BYOB: You Say You Want A Revolution? Let’s Revolt.

Last week Ms. Amy Severson raged against the “Dewhurst Bill” which would changes the rules surrounding  BYOB. She makes a lot of good points. If you want to read about the national BYOB movement, Glazer’s Alfonso “MW” Cevola provides a list of links over on The Blend.  I gotta say, I’m with Ms. Amy on […]

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