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Making Dallas Even Better

First Bite: Royale Magnificent Burgers

In February, Royale Magnificent Burgers opened in Plano, two minutes from where Whiskey Cake is already serving an OMG burger of Brobdingnagian proportions, its signature a gargantuan onion ring that overshadows the patty and corrals a herd of sautéed mushrooms. The burger is impaled with a steak knife, as if to underscore its caveman scale. Take that, add a dose of whimsy, and you get Royale Magnificent Burgers.

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Eat This Now: The Burger at Barley & Board

I had no intentions of ordering a burger during my visit to Barley & Board in Denton. I’d eaten enough burgers this year to last a lifetime, and I was interested in indulging in the brewpub’s more playful offerings such as the bacon-wrapped medjool dates with piquillo sauce, and farro risotto with vegetables and spinach purée.

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Dallas Stars Jamie and Jordie Benn Cook Burgers at Hard Rock Café in Dallas

Last night, Jamie and Jordie Benn showed up at the Hard Rock Café in Dallas to do what brothers do: compete against each other. This time the battle did not take place on the ice, it took place at the bar where each assembled their own burger creation. Both burgers will be featured on the Hard Rock’s menu from November 1 to December 1. You, the burger connoisseur, have the privilege of tasting their respective concoctions and voting on social media for which one you feel is the best.

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