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What Would Happen if Women Opened Restaurants With Male Body Parts as Themes? Part Two

Tired of Breastaurants? You can now look forward to restaurants named after male body parts. Good times.

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Is Twin Peaks’ Food a Cut Above Hooters’?

The New Republic writes this week about how North Texas-based Twin Peaks breastaurants have “out-hootered Hooters” by, under the direction of founder and CEO Randy DeWitt, focusing on the food as much as the “scenic views”:

Nobody at Hooters had figured out that the brand was broken, so he would fix it before they did. He started with the beer. “Cold beer is like catnip. Those working guys like their beer really cold,” DeWitt says. “Hooters’ slogan at the time was ‘coldest beer in town.’ I thought ‘big deal.’ It’s just a sign, just an empty claim. So we worked with a manufacturer to serve beer below freezing. It comes out at 29 degrees! And we put a digital temperature display so we don’t ever say ‘coldest beer in town,’ we say ‘look at the thermometer, you decide.’” Then he took on the menu: Everything down to the ice cream was to be made fresh in each franchise; nothing was to be frozen or carted in ready-made. (Order the shrimp cocktail at Hooters to see why that’s a good idea.) And focus on comfort food, not bar food: Hooters serves only burgers and sandwiches; Twin Peaks has pot roast with green beans and mashed potatoes and green chile meatloaf.

Sounds fancier, surely. But is the fare really any better? Guess it’d be hard to do worse than Hooters.

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Food News and No Booze (7/16/13)

Dallas News | Apparently, the Lewisville City Council doesn’t think body paint counts as a “suitable cover-up at Redneck Heaven.” The waitresses at this restaurant apparently wear “anything but clothes” on occasional ABC days, which has caused some outrage in the neighborhood. According to, Lewisville City Council voted unanimously to change the ordinance, […]

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Twin Peaks to Debut its ‘Scenic Views’ in Mockingbird Station This Summer

Oh, lookie here! Mockingbird Station is adding class to its shopping, dining, and entertainment village. Once Twin Peaks, the famous chain breastaurant, opens inside 5307 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 240 in mid-June, couples can do what they’ve always dreamed: do date night at the Angelika and top off their romantic evenings at Twin Peaks. Then they […]

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Breastaurants Are Busting Out All Over

According to, diners can look forward to an increase in sports-themed restaurants featuring scantily clad servers. Those servers would be women. In fact, the article refers to breastaurants as “part of a booming niche in the beleaguered restaurant industry.” Associated Press Reporter Candice Choi writes: Instead of relying on lust alone, the new crop of […]

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The Search for the Manliest Restaurant in America Begins in Dallas

Men’s Health, the magazine I refer to as Abs! Abs!Abs! just launched a “Manliest Restaurant in America” contest. There are 45 restaurants on the list and two of them are from Dallas. Read all about it: Maple & Motors and Bob’s Steakhouse are included among our 45 nominated restaurants in nine regions across the country. […]

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What Would Happen if Women Opened Restaurants With Male Body Parts as Themes

‘Scuse me while I saddle up my high horse. Am I the only woman who is concerned about the sudden surge in Breastaurants. I mean really 35 additional Twin Peaks? A bar opening in downtown called The Spread Eagle? Seriously boys? How would you like to take your daughter into one of the restaurant’s the […]

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Hooters Execs Jump Ship to Expand the Addison-based Twin Peaks Breastaurant Brand

Intern Harrison Smith attended a press conference this morning during which it was announced that a thundering herd of Hooters execs will be leaving Boob City (Hooters) for the rapidly expanding Breastville (Twin Peaks). Read on for his straight-from-the-press-conference-floor business tidbit: An investment group led by Coby Brooks, who served as president and CEO at […]

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