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Making Dallas Even Better

V Is For Vegan Doughnuts (Part 1)

When my friend planned her bridal shower, such as it was—a morning of swimming and squawking joyously and indecorously in the cold waters of Seattle’s Lake Washington (she is a Seattleite and fiercely loyal)—the star attraction were vegan doughnuts. Not because my friend is a retiring violet who would rather hide behind petit-fours than take […]

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Drink This Now: Black Hat Coffee from Mercat Bistro

Some mornings, as Edith Piaf might say, you want La Vie en Rose. You want sunlight spilling through windows, that undefinably sweet, relaxed atmosphere of a Parisian cafe, and something barely chic—just a little touch of luxury. You want a black cat coffee at Mercat Bistro.

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5 Dallas Breakfast Sandwiches to Jump Start Your Day

Making a sandwich in the morning elicits a strength that some people don’t possess before noon. That’s why breakfast sandwiches are usually pulled from the microwave on the way out the door, or reserved for slow weekend mornings. To offer more variety to this truth, we’ve compiled a list of places to seek out a sandwich to get your day started. It wouldn’t hurt to grab a cup of coffee, too.

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The Five Best Coffee Shop Breakfasts in Dallas

Breakfast food is as essential as concrete and sports in a man’s life. For all sexes, the equivalent necessity is coffee. When the two are combined, something cosmic breaks open one’s spirit animal and everything begins to make sense. Dallas has no shortage of coffee shops. But for this particular experiment, I decided to dip a little deeper into our coffee scene and find some awesome food coming out of their kitchens. First of all, they must possess a kitchen, and the aforementioned food must come out of it. The food we’re going for here is relegated to the breakfast world.

That being said, here are some tasty plates from around town to order alongside that cup of joe.

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To Detect and Serve: The Wild Detectives Brews Excellent Coffee

Now that Matthew McConaughey’s taut, sinewy body is done brain-screwing us with his apathetic, brooding intensity, it’s time to turn our affections to the new detectives in town. The Wild Detectives opened last month inside a small house just east of the Bishop Arts District at 314 West Eighth Street. It’s snuggled in between neighboring houses, and there’s a little Chihuahua next door with a surly attitude towards visitors. He keeps his distance, though.

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Into Shelley’s Belly: Mokah in Deep Ellum

Today I will let the pictures do the talking, but there a few things you need to know: Mokah Coffee, housed inside the Life in Deep Ellum Cultural Center, is awesome. In Dallas, there is no shortage of quality coffee shops. You’re never more than a Frisbee toss away from fresh beans, steamed milk, and sweet pastries. For those of you more in touch than myself—which seems to be everyone—Mokah Coffee is nothing new. It’s been here for years. Even before all the so-hip-it-hurts coffee labs starting springing into action over the last two years, Mokah was already well-established.

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