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Making Dallas Even Better

Taste Test Thursday: French Baguettes

Last week a colleague asked me where he could find a delicious French baguette in downtown Dallas. I sat there for what felt like an hour with my mouth open while my eyes glazed over. I finally answered with a long “uhhhhhhh….” Truth is, I had no idea. Ridden with an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy, I hopped on Google and started searching. While I couldn’t find anything in the downtown area, I did come across plenty of information on the usual suspects: Empire Baking Company, eatZi’s, Whole Foods, Village Baking Co. and Central Market. It seems each bakery has its own version of the classic French loaf. But which one is the best? A handful of conscientious D Magazine staffers stuffed their faces with bread for this week’s blind taste test. It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it. Here’s what they thought.

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The Localist: On Pure Ground’s Divine Texas Chèvre

Last week, while tasting my way through the display case at Scardello, I told the cheesemonger I wanted to focus on sampling Texas-made cheeses. Without missing a beat, he immediately reached for a wrapped disk of fresh chèvre. Within a matter of seconds, he handed me a small tasting spoon with a sample. It was love at first bite. I adored the creamy consistency and vibrant fresh flavor. The chalky texture that plagues so many goat cheeses was nowhere to be found here. It was mild and pleasingly rich. The flavor was gentle enough to appease the most discerning palate, while thoroughly impressing my cheese nerd friends who arbitrarily rate the quality of a cheese by the volume of its sweat sock aroma.

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People We Love: Chef David Anthony Temple

You’ve heard of Chef DAT. He’s the mysterious fella who sends out equally mysterious emails every Tuesday about underground dinners in weird, secretive places. Sometimes they rhyme, sometimes they make absolutely no sense at all. But more often than not, they’re entertaining, and people always have a ball-of-a-good-time at his dinners. This good ‘ole Southern […]

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Main Street Bread Baking Company Wins Over Dallas One Baguette at a Time

D Magazine intern Karley Osborn followed the scent of her nose and discovered something fresh about Main Street Bread Baking Co. It starts at 6:00 p.m. The bread baker arrives in the kitchen, and the mixing begins. Two hours later, the rest of the baking staff arrives. A metal scooper dives deep into an industrial-sized […]

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First-Take Restaurant Review: Bridge Bistro

What to Expect: “For a long time, I wanted to have a fun, casual neighborhood destination,” says Kay Agnew. The long-time restaurateur closed down Margaux’s after 22 years and opened Bridge Bistro with her daughter. Loyal diners can rest assured that their favorite dishes are still on the menu, and new diners will be pleased […]

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Quick Hit: Princi Italia in Dallas

Last night I decided to drop into Princi Italia, Patrick Colombo’s new spot in the old Poplolos space in Preston Royal. The executive chef, Kevin Ascolese, was Columbo’s chef at Ferre in West Village. Before that he cooked at Salve and Mi Piaci. I also spotted veteran chef/baker David Brawley in the kitchen. If my […]

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