Tipsy Tuesday: Dallas Booze News July 15-19th

If you were one of the individuals at Bastille on Bishop that kept your wine glass anxiously strapped to your hand, or if you enjoyed one glass too many in honor of the French Revolution, then I would say job well done. Though you didn’t let those Monday Blues get you down, you’re probably one […]

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Don’t Do What You’re About to Do, Bolsa Mercado

The baked goods—formerly a bright spot—were being shipped in from Hypnotic Donuts and others, and everything just felt…tired. I stop at Bolsa Mercado a few times a week for a quick dinner or six-pack, and I began to do so with less frequency.

Well, now we know why.

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Pour Judgment: Great Service and Good Craft Cocktails at the Bowen House

When popular vintage shop Ahab Bowen closed in 2011, Dallas fashionistas were devastated. The house stood unused until five weeks ago, when it reopened as another business honoring the past, Victorian era-themed bar, Bowen House. I stopped by Saturday night at 9 pm to get a feel for the place and to sample the drinks.

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Lead Your Own Food Tour: Dine Around at the Village on the Green

La Perla d’Italia, Pho House, Mughlai Fine Indian Cuisine, and Maximo invited me as a guest on Wednesday for a food tour at the Village on the Green. I was given a tasting at each restaurant (the opposite of little Costco-sized samples), all thankfully within walking distance of each other. Four restaurants and way too much food later, I think it’s safe to say I was stuffed. If you didn’t think it was possible to have Italian, Indian, Vietnamese, and Mexican food all in one night, it’s definitely do-able, as long as you exercise portion control.

For a fun night, try taking your own food tour at the Village on the Green with family and friends. Order one or two dishes at each place, and experience four different ethnic cuisines at its best. Follow my lead or forge your own path. Either way, you’ll leave feeling full and satisfied.

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Everything You Need to Know About Rabbit Hole Brewing

I have incredible news. Walter White has cleaned himself up and moved to Texas. He now brews beer and goes by the rather fantastic name of Matt. Seriously, look at that guy. He’s all the right kind of nerd-evil-engineer-mad-scientist. All jokes aside, Matt Morriss of Rabbit Hole Brewing, alongside his companion, brewmaster Tom Anderson, has acquired some serious accolades in the home-brewing arena. Those skills are now outfitted with top-dollar equipment and the beer does the rest of the talking. Sometimes, it talks dirty, and I like that.

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Lakewood Brewing Co. Released its Bourbon Barrel Temptress During the Ice Storm

If Wim Bens’ green eyes don’t bring you to your knees, this year’s release of Lakewood Brewing Co.’s Bourbon Barrel Temptress certainly will. The beer elves have housed and cared for this batch for months, waiting for the right moment to release it upon us. Well, the time is now.

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