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Making Dallas Even Better

Rich Vana is Done With Entree Dallas

After almost four good years being the editor, Rich posted a letter last Friday, February 28, announcing his departure from the food blogging world. He is putting his publication to the side and focusing his energies elsewhere, on a project That-Will-Not-Be-Named-Yet. “It was a fun venture, but it was really, really time consuming,” says the one-man writing show. “It could’ve been a sustainable living, but the amount of work that it required and the potential instability was always in the back of mind.”

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SideDish By The Numbers: The Greatest Hits of 2013

Here are the most-popular posts on SideDish in 2013. It’s a surprising list.

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Bloggers v Journalists: Strauss Marketing First Local PR Company to Request “Numbers” From Bloggers

Thanks to all of you who participated in the two SideDish discussions (Bloggers v Journalists and Restaurants Beware of Food Writers who Expect Freebies). I thought the two posts brought up some great points and readers conducted an intelligent discussion. Apparently the restaurant industry and PR agencies took note. And I think we’re about to see […]

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My Five Cents: Discussing the Difference Between a Blogger and a Journalist

Tuesday, I wrote a post warning restaurants to “just say no” to people who introduce themselves as food writers and expect a free meal for a write up of their restaurant. I thought the “conversation” that took place in the comments section was, for the most part, an intelligent sharing of thoughts between readers, bloggers, […]

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