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Making Dallas Even Better

Bacon on a Stick, Frozen Beer, and Choomongous: 3 New Foods at the Rangers Ballpark

Every year, right before the Rangers kick-off their season, the Ballpark comes up with outrageous new food items to trick us into buying their giant hotdogs and monstrous hamburgers.

And every year, we say no more. Please, no more.

Monday, March 31 is when the Rangers play their first game this spring. And the offerings are looking bigger (and better?) than ever. Here are a few of the rookies.

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Brian Luscher to Open New Restaurant in Dallas: Luscher’s

If she typed it, it’s true: Culture Map’s Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins reports Brian Luscher, owner of The Grape, has signed a lease for a new restaurant he plans to call Luscher’s. The space is across from the Elbow Room on Gaston Ave. Hopefully Luscher will include his new line of Lusher’s Post Oak Red Hots on […]

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Nothing to Do With Food: The Cutest Pet Contest

Today marks day one of our “Survival of the Cutest” contest. After going through hundreds of dog photos, Jason found the most adorable 32 North Texas canines for your bored-at-work-viewing pleasure, and he’s made it easy cheesy for you to vote for the most adorable Dallas dog (besides the one that’s curled up around your […]

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Into Shelley’s Belly: Bowl & Barrel at the Shops at Park Lane in Dallas

I began my stroll through the Shops at Park Lane, and without my henchman, I initially felt some lightness in my loafers amidst all the concrete and retail fountain spouts. I approached the new boutique bowling arena, Bowl & Barrel, with a giddy, girlish glee. My fingers were ravenous with nostalgic muscle memories of 12 […]

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Sharon Hage Develops Seasonal Menus for Boutique Bowling Alley, Bowl & Barrel, at The Shops at Park Lane

No, I did not make that headline up. The first boutique bowling alley in Dallas, Bowl & Barrel, is scheduled to open at The Shops at Park Lane near the end of November. What is a boutique bowling alley? According to owners Kyle Noonan and Josh Sepkowitz, founders of FreeRange Concepts, it’s a “classic bowling […]

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Eat This Now: Bowery’s Croque Madame Hot Dog

As seen in our October issue. Bun: Local bakery La Francaise bakes the bun. Wiener: The all-angus beef hot dog is from Patuxent Farms. Toppings: The wiener is wrapped with a slice of Black Forest ham and seared on a flat-top grill, which brings out the meat’s natural smokiness. The hot dog is then topped with […]

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Nothing to do With Food: The Pooper Scooper

I’m not posting this because the author sits beside me in the office, I am posting it because it occurred to me that many of you may not read our print product, D Magazine. This month, Krista Nightengale wrote a story about the PooPrints program. What is the PooPrints program? I’m glad you asked. The […]

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The Fearless Eater Competition: Enter to Win Tommy’s! Salsas and Spices

I just came back from Taiwan where, for 10 days, I ate things like pigs feet, fish heads (yes, including the eye balls), and other animal organ parts I probably shouldn’t mention this early in the morning. I’m no Andrew Zimmerman and there’s no way I could ever swallow the contents of a bile sac, […]

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Free Hot Dogs at The Stand on Monday, July 23

Every day is some national food day, but here on SideDish, we only mention the most important ones, of course. National Hot Dog Day on Monday, July 23 is, quite honestly, the big bazoohley of them all because 1) hot dogs are the new hamburger, as Nancy keeps sayin’ 2) The Stand in Uptown is giving […]

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Hot Dog News! Get Your Hot Dog News! Takeru Kobayashi Joins the Hofmann Hot Dogs!

Who is Takeru Kobayashi? What are Hofmann Hot Dogs? Have you been living as a homosexual in a cave? Kobayashi, excuse me, Kobi (小林尊), is the “Japanese eating sensation” who has claimed “dozens of competitive eating titles, including downing a world record 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes in July 2011.” That is not a typo. […]

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