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Making Dallas Even Better

Best of Big D: Who Makes the Best Fried Chicken in Dallas?

Some people say the best fried bird in Dallas is Babe’s. Others say Pecan Lodge. I’m personally a big fan of Sissy’s and Rudy’s Chicken. (It’s impossible not to love a place with the tagline: “So good you’ll slap yo mammas mama.” Am I right?)

If you don’t agree, do something about it. Flap your wings, make your voice heard, and cast your vote.

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Best of Big D: Food and Drink Voting Starts Today

Every year, we do this little thing called Best of Big D, and we ask you, our readers, to help us determine the best Dallas has to offer.

It’s a difficult responsibility for y’all to bear, I know. You have to answer hard, thoughtful questions, like who has the best French fries? And who makes the best burger?

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It’s Here! Best of Big D: Food and Drink 2013 is Up

That booger, Nancy Nichols, kinda screwed up last week when she teased y’all with a Best of Big D: Food and Drink post without a link. Evil. No worries, though. Your days of waiting are over. Find out which Dallas restaurants won your vote. A huge congrats to all the winners!

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Where’s the Best Place in Dallas to Eat After Midnight? Vote in Our Best of Big D Survey

Unlike mogwai, it is perfectly safe for human beings to eat after midnight. Indeed, certain classifications of food — looking at you, Taco Bell — really should only ever be consumed in the wee hours of the morning, after you’ve fed your belly with good drink and your heart with convivial relations. But what are […]

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New ‘Best Coffee’ and ‘Best Food Truck’ Categories Added to Best of Big D 2013

In case you haven’t noticed (or hadn’t even voted), we’ve added some new categories to our Best of Big D: Food and Drink poll this year.  With the number of trendy coffee shops growing in Dallas, it only made sense for us to add a ‘Best Coffee’ to the ballot. And food trucks. How could […]

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Best of Big D 2013: Who Serves the Best Fried Chicken in Dallas?

I stumbled upon Rudy’s Chicken’s Facebook page the other day and almost choked. The first few things I noticed: The “About” section reads: “CHICKEN SO GOOD YOU’LL SLAP YO MAMMAS MAMMA.” The profile pic (the one and only photo) is a sign of their drive thru sign. I guess Rudy’s doesn’t want to show off […]

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