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Making Dallas Even Better

United States of Sour Beer: Newest Additions to the Scene From Deep Ellum’s Mad Scientist

The July issue of the magazine features a profile I wrote about Barrett Tillman, the man we dubbed “The Mad Scientist of Sour Beer,” who’s been heading up Deep Ellum’s sour and barrel-aged beer program since last December.

Tillman is slated to be the guest on Tim Rogers’ and Zac Crain’s podcast this Thursday. Tune in to find out more about what’s going on in the brewer’s head. And read the article. Sour beer is a crazy, niche creature of microbiological science. Whether you like the end result’s tart pucker or not, it’s worth falling down the rabbit hole.

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Keeping Tabs: Parker Barrows

Parker Barrows, a Bishop Arts bar and deli, is a quiet reference to the (usually mononymous) outlaws Bonnie and Clyde. The black-and-white color scheme, compact space, solid booze and food offerings, and subtle Great Depression-era feel do well to uphold the understated theme. The result is a friendly, accessible bar that should become your new hangout.

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Biergarten is Now Open at the Omni Dallas Hotel

“Rein sei die liebe, im herz sei gesund, klar sei der trunk, wahr sei der mund” is painted in bold, uppercase letters near the entrance of Biergarten. “It means: ‘The love is pure, the heart healthy, may the drink be clear, and the mouth truthful,'” restaurateur Joseph Palladino explains. “I went through 500 or 800 [phrases], but when I read this one I thought ‘this is very nice.'”

Palladino, who made a name for himself by means of the Nick and Sam’s empire, is accustomed to managing fine dining establishments. But this is his first beer garden.

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Exclusive Interview with Michael Peticolas and Chuck Silva About Their Beer Collaboration

Buckle your beer goggles ladies and gents, there’s a new IPA hitting taps today. Renowned brewer Chuck Silva from Green Flash Brewing Company came into town to collaborate with one of our very own, Michael Peticolas (of Peticolas Brewery), on an American Style IPA. I don’t really need to tell you how awesome this is, but I’m going to anyway. This is awesome. I met up with the two at the Peticolas Brewery to talk about what’s coming. Enjoy.

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Taste Test Thursday: Weird Beers

This week D Magazine staffers tasted a handful of bizarre brews. Now, we’re not talking about artificially flavored chocolate-banana-doughnut ales. No way. These selections are all brewed with natural, and somewhat odd ingredients that aren’t typically associated with beer.

There’s a bottle brewed with oysters, another that tastes like a really great bowl of curry, and one that’ll keep vampires at bay (it actually has holy water in it). Pretty weird. Or awesome, depending how into vampire lore you are. Here’s what happened.

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