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Making Dallas Even Better

Exclusive Interview with Michael Peticolas and Chuck Silva About Their Beer Collaboration

Buckle your beer goggles ladies and gents, there’s a new IPA hitting taps today. Renowned brewer Chuck Silva from Green Flash Brewing Company came into town to collaborate with one of our very own, Michael Peticolas (of Peticolas Brewery), on an American Style IPA. I don’t really need to tell you how awesome this is, but I’m going to anyway. This is awesome. I met up with the two at the Peticolas Brewery to talk about what’s coming. Enjoy.

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Taste Test Thursday: Weird Beers

This week D Magazine staffers tasted a handful of bizarre brews. Now, we’re not talking about artificially flavored chocolate-banana-doughnut ales. No way. These selections are all brewed with natural, and somewhat odd ingredients that aren’t typically associated with beer.

There’s a bottle brewed with oysters, another that tastes like a really great bowl of curry, and one that’ll keep vampires at bay (it actually has holy water in it). Pretty weird. Or awesome, depending how into vampire lore you are. Here’s what happened.

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Taste Test Thursday: Holiday Beer

So you’re running late to your sister’s boyfriend’s boss’ holiday party and agreed to grab a seasonally appropriate six-pack on the way. The beer aisle at the liquor store is littered with decorative packaging, each boasting its own brand of holiday delight. Every label taunts the palate with promises of pecans, nutmeg, ginger, vanilla, oranges, cocoa, and even toffee. How the heck are you supposed to choose?

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Braden and Yasmin Wages Discuss Their Beer Journey and Future Plans for Malai Kitchen

You might conjure up images of the owners growing up on generations of family cooking in the heart of Southeast Asia upon slurping down a bowl of beef Vietnamese noodle soup or licking clean a plate of massaman braised lamb shank at Malai Kitchen. However, Braden Wages will tell you he really didn’t even know what pho was until he traveled to Vietnam after college. Braden and wife Yasmin fell in love with the food, culture, and tradition of this country, which serves as the foundation for their Thai and Vietnamese style of cooking.

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Meddlesome Moth Hosts Author and Brewmaster, Garrett Oliver

North Texas Beer Week is well under way and to celebrate the awesomeness, The Meddlesome Moth hosted Garrett Oliver for a Pairdine event on Tuesday night. Let’s face it, they were really just showing off. I actually touched Garrett and I woke up the next morning with x-ray vision and super human strength. Why I am not using these powers to save lives and secure my financial future is for another time. I am here to tell you about the evening prior to my metamorphosis.

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