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Taco Night at Four Corners Brewing Co.

Some of Dallas’ best taquerias are gathering at Four Corners Brewing Co. on Thursday, November 6 for a full-fledged taco party. The taquerias are serving “el verdadero sabor (the true taste)” of Mexico with tacos de trompo. Dos Primos Tacos will make their Dallas debut at the event with paprika-based adobo tacos de trompo — pork tacos from northern Mexico. El Tizoncito, El Come Taco and Urban Taco are plating DF-style tacos, which stands for Distrito Federal Mexico (Mexico City). These al pastor tacos are usually marinated with a chile-based and achiote adobo.

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The Localist: Lakewood Brewing Company’s Bokkenrijders Altbier

It’s really fun to live in a city that feels familiar yet continually changes all the time. I’m discovering great restaurants, bars, and products all the time, while trying to keep up with all of the new ones that appear to pop up overnight. The one industry that seems to be changing faster than I can fathom is Texas craft beer. Every time I visit a local bar or supermarket, there are beers on the shelves from local and regional breweries that I don’t recognize, and most of them are made in my backyard.

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Grapevine Craft Brewery Wins 2014 GABF Gold Medal

Grapevine Craft Brewery nabbed a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival awards in Denver, Colorado this past weekend. The brewery placed first in the English Brown Ale category for their Sir William’s English Brown Ale. If you recall, with help from a panel of judges, we dubbed this particular brew the best non-seasonal beer in Dallas earlier in the year.

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The Magnolia Pavilion is Open at the State Fair of Texas

State fair concessionaire, Isaac Rousso, knows how to please a crowd. Last year, he took home a Big-Tex Choice award in the “Best Taste” category for his deep fried Cuban roll. The combination of pork shoulder, ham and Swiss cheese is luscious. In an artery-clogging kind of way. While he didn’t take home a golden Big-Tex statue this year, Rousso was a finalist for his deep fried Texas bluebonnet; a blueberry muffin made from scone batter that is stuffed with blueberries, cream cheese and white chocolate and topped with powdered sugar, blueberries, whipped cream and more white chocolate. Are you drooling yet?

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Taste Test Thursday: Pumpkin Beer

I grabbed a shopping cart at Spec’s this past weekend and loaded it up with every single gourd-infused brew that I could get my hands on. It was apparent that my enthusiasm for drinking all of the pumpkin beers had taken over when it came time to check out. I had to put some back. With help from a lovely beer aficionado, I narrowed down my selection to ten. Surely, ten was a good number? Wrong. It was still too many.

I made a final cut on the day of the taste test, squeezing it down to six, pumpkiny beers. Yes, Lakewood’s Punkel was axed. But everybody already knows how delicious it is, right? I wanted to feature some lesser-known brews. So, for this week’s installment of Taste Test Thursday D Magazine staffers sipped on (and chugged) a selection of pumpkin libations. Here’s what they thought.

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