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Making Dallas Even Better

Orbit Releases New BBQ-Flavored Gum, Inspired by Pecan Lodge

Here’s a funny story that hit my inbox this morning.

Orbit, as you know, makes gum. The head-head-tippy-top food scientist of the company is a guy named Henry O’Brien, who lives in Peoria, IL (where Wrigley is based). But he’s actually from Dallas.

I know. Mind explosion. Or can we say, BBQ explosion?

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Eat This Now: Deep Fried Corn at Off the Bone Barbeque

Last week, I took a trip down barbecue lane with Matt Shelley and the BBQ Snob (aka Daniel Vaughn, Texas Monthly’s barbecue editor). I can’t even recall our conversation at Off the Bone Barbeque; I was so preoccupied with a beautiful container of cheese fries, loaded up with green onions, bacon, brisket, peppers, and all this other good, but bad-for-you stuff.

But the fried corn was by far the best part of the meal.

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Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo Crash Franklin Barbecue in Austin

This weekend, Austin had a lot going for it: sunny, 60-degree weather, special beef ribs made by Franklin’s Barbecue, and a surprise visit to Austin’s favorite meat joint by Jimmy Kimmel and his sidekick Guillermo. My first trip to Franklin’s this past Saturday was topped by a sighting of the talk show duo, who rolled up in a longhorn-studded convertible. They greeted everyone in line, walked inside, and chowed down on barbecue.

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Into Shelley’s Belly: Work Bar & Grill in Deep Ellum

As much as it may confuse you, I suggest you go to Work Bar & Grill at 2618 Elm Street after you finish work today. As insufficiently humorous as that opener may be, it’s all I have today after the meat mountain I climbed and fell from last night. My ankles are swollen, my thighs are bursting through my spanks, and I don’t know which Power Ranger I want to be anymore. The existential angst is killing me. Work opened in Deep Ellum last May, so I have to ask… Why didn’t anyone tell me about this place sooner? The space is a rustic, industrial warehouse with lots of room to get weird. The working-class, brick appeal exudes a gritty, sports-bar-cool with plenty of seating and flat screens. There are a few arcade games, a stretch-limo-length bar to cozy up to, and a jukebox that hates me. I only say that because when left to its own decisions, that mother-lover played a horrendous line-up of junk-pop and honky-tonk filth. A few decent tracks were peppered in, but it’s best to take over and control it if you can. Off the box we go.

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Dallas Farmers Market Speaks About Pecan Lodge Move to Deep Ellum

Brian Bergersen, managing partner of the Farmers Market ownership, just sent me a statement. “We will miss our Pecan Lodge friends, Diane and Justin Fourton and their staff, as well as their delicious barbeque and wish them well in their new location,” Bergersen says. “They’ll still see us often at lunch time.” Bergersen and company […]

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Jack Perkins Needs a Nickname

Jack Perkins of Maple& Motor and The Slow Bone needs a nickname. He is a unique individual and he needs a nickname that represents his idiosyncrasies.

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Meat Fight Raises $50,000 For National MS Society

Dallas Observer columnist, mother, wife, and carnivore, Alice Laussade, and her husband, Mike, hosted their first version of Meatfight several years ago in their backyard. Sunday, their third installment of the event that pits teams of chefs against each other in a quest to smoke, grill, or braise the best brisket, ribs, sausage, or salmon, […]

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This Brisket Chart is Pretty Cool. Thanks, Barbecue Snob

Carol is a sucker for pizza charts. I heart a brisket chart. This Brisket 101 illustration was printed in the February 2010 “Best Barbecue in Dallas” issue of D Magazine. The author is Daniel Vaughn. Interesting to see how the barbecue culture in Dallas has morphed. Here is Daniel Vaughn’s take on everything you need […]

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Dallas Restaurants: What Do We Need? Ctd.

Last night, our food truck reporter, and all-around good guy, George Lewis sent me a link to a story I posted in October 2009. I posed the question:  The inside-the-loop-outside-the-loop foodie argument drives me nuts. There is great food all over this area if you are willing to drive. But if you had one restaurant wish, what […]

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Trace Arnold of 3 Stacks Smoke and Tap House is Searching for Barbecue Ambassadors

I don’t remember the last time I saw adults get this excited about pizza and nachos. Maybe it’s because most of us media folks hadn’t eaten all day and we were shaky from our morning coffee. Or maybe it was the commute to 3 Stacks Smoke and Tap House in Frisco that expedited our hunger. […]

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