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Making Dallas Even Better

Bisous Bisous, a French Bakery, is Searching for a Retail Spot in Dallas

It takes guts—and a love of macarons—to quit your corporate job after six years, enroll in an intensive pastry program, and start your own French bakery business in Dallas. But Andrea Meyer, head pastry chef and owner of Bisous Bisous Patisserie, did just that.

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Smallcakes, a Cupcake Shop, is Opening at Mockingbird Station on March 3

Mockingbird Station is welcoming a cupcakery, located between Rockfish and Urban Taco, on March 3. Smallcakes is a chain with more than 60 shops in 13 states, and it’s already planted a location in Southlake and Frisco, each. Pretty soon, it’ll have storefronts in Arlington, Carrollton, Denton, McKinney, and Plano.

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For the Best Cheesecakes and Sweet Potato Pie, Order From Val’s

As a kid growing up in Haiti, Valery Jean-Bart used to watch the television show, Dallas, and dream of Southern cuisine.

“It’s ironic how I’ve ended up here,” he muses.

After moving to Dallas in 2008 to take a civil engineering job, Jean-Bart (who goes by ‘Val’) decided to start a dessert business with his friend, Christopher Reece. They launched Val’s Food With a Twist 18 months ago, after the Haitian baker spent four years taking care of his mom, sick with terminal cancer.

“I would cook, constantly, and I knew she liked desserts. I would try a different cheesecake, cookie, and different pie. She would always finish the dessert. She never finished her beets or carrots, but she’d finish that one little piece of cheesecake,” Jean-Bart says. For years, he would experiment on Sundays for his mom, who loved cheesecake day.

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Unrefined, a Gluten-Free Bakery, Opens Two More Locations

Four years ago, mother-and-daughter duo Anne Hoyt and Taylor Nicholson opened Unrefined Bakery on Buckner Boulevard with a huge leap of faith. They didn’t have any formal culinary training and used only word-of-mouth and grassroots marketing. Such efforts have proved fruitful, as the flagship bakery is now one of three locations, with new stores recently opening in the old Society Bakery spot on Greenville Avenue and in Frisco.

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‘Burbalicious: Dolce Cafe Bakery in Flower Mound

I say this with love: Flower Mound is a desert when it comes to good food. Very few non-chain restaurants are able to survive and thrive in this northern suburb, and places like Empress of China are your best bet along Justin Road. Lunchtime options, if you’re not into Subway and Chick-fil-A, are basically nonexistent. It’s a little sad.

But now, hope comes in the form of Dolce Cafe Bakery at 1913 Justin Road. When the small, independently owned place opened next to the Village Church, it came as a real shock. Here was a restaurant so different from all the other surrounding joints, it didn’t make sense. But then again, it did. Flower Mound people were starved for something cool, and after December 9, Dolce’s first day, they started trickling into this Italian bakery and restaurant, eager to try something new. Word spread quickly about the tasty house-made artisan breads, savory scones, and coffee.

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Bits & Bites: Things to Do and Chew in Dallas This Weekend

Well, Fair Park Holiday has been cancelled, and I’m pretty sure the rest of Dallas is on hiatus for now.

This ice storm is putting a kink in our weekend plans, isn’t it? But at least we have our internet and heaters. (To the 200,000 people out there without power, I feel for you. Stay warm. Hug other bodies.)

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7 Reasons Why You Should Attend Flavor! Napa Valley Next Year

Let’s be real, now. There’s no better place for a serious getaway trip than Wine Country. Napa may be a small, touristy town, but it’s one of those rare parts of the world where time stops and people start aging backwards. I’m quite serious. The trees and leaves turn orange-yellow-red when it’s fall, there’s a […]

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How to Carve a Pumpkin 101

I’ve never made a jack-o-lantern. In spite of my handicap, my childhood went pretty smoothly. I didn’t murder anyone, and I graduated high school with mostly A’s and B’s. As time passed, however, I did notice a hollowed-out-pumpkin-shaped hole in my heart. It was one that couldn’t be filled with candy corn and miniature Twix […]

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The Best Blueberry Muffins in Dallas

Ever since I was a small child with an extra-large head, I’ve always loved muffins. In the chilly months of fall and winter, a fluffy muffin is a comforting accompaniment to a cup of coffee, hot tea, or a fresh, tall glass of orange juice. It’s filling, delicious, and makes the perfect sidekick to almost […]

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