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SideDish Traffic: The Greatest Hits of 2014

Ever wonder which SideDish posts attract the most traffic? The answer is just a click away.

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Another Bill McCrorey Restaurant Bites the Dust: Rare in The Shops at Park Lane is Closed

I was contacted by a man who stopped into Rare Restaurant and Lounge Tuesday and found owner Bill McCrorey and crew closing down. The opulent, two-story restaurant has been in financial trouble since they opened, and a former employee has filed a lawsuit to recover unpaid compensation and health care insurance. The source says they were […]

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Lawsuit Filed Against Dallas Restaurateur Bill McCrorey and Thomas McMurray of Rare Restaurant in The Shops at Park Lane

Ever since I wrote The Saga Of Las Colinas Prime in June 2009, and several other reports detailing the shady shenanigans of restaurant operators Michael Costa and Bill McCrorey, I have been contacted by disgruntled employees, vendors, landlords, customers, and former partners. Most recently, complaints and concerns about Bill McCrorey resurfaced after a deal he made […]

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Annoying Restaurant Gimmicks: What’s Your Pet Peeve?

Last night, Urban Taco took its complaints to Twitter in a most amusing tweet: Restaurant pet peeve… Tacos served on a metal Z tray…its just not right! I could name a few… How bout yall? — Urban Taco (@UrbanTaco) February 18, 2013 I’m fairly certain my friend over at Taco Trail has said something similar […]

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Phil Romano sues Hofmann Hots CEO Frank Zaccanelli For Misuse of Funds

Really?  Holy cow.  I just flipped over to EaterDallas and saw the headline: Hofmann’s CEO Gets Sued for Using Company Money as His Personal Slush Fund. Frank, I know you’re a tough guy but, dude, you don’t ever want to piss off Phil Romano. (Right Dotty?) Especially on his home court of Trinity Groves. Allegedly, Zaccanelli […]

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Help Me Get SideDish on TV

In case you missed Tim’s announcement last month:  D Magazine Partners (the magazine’s parent company) and London Broadcasting have announced a partnership that should make the local television landscape look a little more interesting. London, a local firm, owns a unique property called KTXD. It is an independent, must-carry station in a major media market. That means it […]

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Rats, Mango Thai on Lovers is Closed

Our resident food truckologist, George Lewis, was attempting to drive over 10 mph on Lovers Lane last night when he noticed the lights were out at Mango Thai. Their website and a sign on the door say they are looking for another location. George talked to a neighboring non-restaurant business and they told him Mango Thai […]

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Bloggers v Journalists: Strauss Marketing First Local PR Company to Request “Numbers” From Bloggers

Thanks to all of you who participated in the two SideDish discussions (Bloggers v Journalists and Restaurants Beware of Food Writers who Expect Freebies). I thought the two posts brought up some great points and readers conducted an intelligent discussion. Apparently the restaurant industry and PR agencies took note. And I think we’re about to see […]

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The Fearless Eater Competition: Enter to Win Tommy’s! Salsas and Spices

I just came back from Taiwan where, for 10 days, I ate things like pigs feet, fish heads (yes, including the eye balls), and other animal organ parts I probably shouldn’t mention this early in the morning. I’m no Andrew Zimmerman and there’s no way I could ever swallow the contents of a bile sac, […]

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Pink Slime, I’m Going to Miss You

Poor Pink Slime. The frappéed beef scraps and connective tissues doused in ammonia used in food production has been called to the front of the class for being gross in a room full of politically correct food experts. What took you people so long to get all worked up about Pink Slime? Did you miss […]

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Michael Costa Starts a Spin on His Eviction From The Office Grill

As I was writing the post about Michael Costa getting evicted from The Office Grill, Teresa Gubbins at PegasusNews received a press release from Costa. The Spin Doctor begins with: “In case you didn’t get the memo…” Oh my…jump. UPDATE: I received a voice mail from Richard Chamberlain. “Michael Costa worked for us briefly 16 […]

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Former Ritz Carlton Pastry Chef Morgan Wilson Indicted on Federal Child Porn Charges

Yow. Zah. Bill Conrad of Star Local News, a content partner at Pegasus News, reports Morgan Wilson, the former head pastry chef at Dallas’ Ritz Carlton was indicted for transferring child porn across state lines. Wilson also appeared on the first season of Top Chef Just Desserts. The original SideDish post is here. Here’s a […]

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Dan Koller Has a Few Things to Say About Rafa’s Cafe Mexicano

Dan Koller is one of my favorite people. Why? Because he scares me. He looks like a cuddly Teddy bear, but underneath that nice-guy veneer lies the heart (maybe) of a cold-blooded managing editor. Last night “The Captain,” as I call him, took his family to Rafa’s Cafe Mexicano on Lovers Lane. He files this […]

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Hey Dallas, What Would You Ask Anthony Bourdain?

Anthony Bourdain will be at The Majestic tonight. Tickets are still available. I understand there will be a Q&A segment in the show. Can’t go? Send me your questions. I’ll try to get them answered. Oh, and Tony. Tonight is the sixth game of the World Series. Our Texas Rangers could be champions before your […]

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Top Chef Just Desserts Finalist, Morgan Wilson, Indicted for Child Pornography

D Magazine intern Jessica Melton was surfing the internet and came up with this doozie of a newsy story. I was reading through Pegasus News when I ran across this incredible story: Morgan Wilson, who made it to the finals last year on Top Chef Just Desserts, has been indicted for possession of child pornography. […]

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