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Making Dallas Even Better

Nancy Nichols Steps Down as D Magazine’s Lead Dining Critic

I was going to avoid writing this post until the March issue of D Magazine goes online, on March 2. That way it would be easier to explain the reasoning behind my decision to change my life and my job. But then the mail went out, and, after subscribers received their magazines and read my story, I received some supportive emails and texts.

Before the rumor mill mangles the truth, I will give you the short version.

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Why Can’t Apheleia Restaurant Group Keep an Executive Chef?

Apheleia Restaurant Group (Oak, Belly & Trumpet, Pakpao) seems to be having trouble hanging on to front-of-the house staff and chefs. Let’s take a look at the turnover they’ve had in such a short time.

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Co-Executive Chef Jason Ferraro Leaves Hibiscus to Open His Own Restaurant

Before Consilient Hospitality hand-picked Graham Dodds (previously of Central 214) to co-chef at Hibiscus with Jason Ferraro, the original executive chef had already given owner Tristan Simon and Consilient a heads-up that he wanted to step out on his own. Ferraro, who took over his current position in early 2013, is planning to open his own restaurant and do some short-term consulting in the meantime.

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Should Monkey King Noodle Co. Switch From Hand-Pulled Noodles to a Machine?

Monkey King Noodle Co., the tiny food stand in Deep Ellum that boasts hand-pulled noodles, is experiencing a slight demand and supply problem these days. Demand has increased, but supply has stayed the same. Owners Michelle Midyette, Andrew Chen, and Michael Chen have toyed with the thought of buying a machine that will increase noodle production, but they’re not sure if this is the best way for the restaurant to grow. After all, it’s their first business together.

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Working the Line: An Introduction

Dear SideDish readers,

I am your friendly, and sometimes not-so-friendly, neighborhood line cook. I work at one of the many fine dining restaurants in DFW. Week to week, I’ll be sharing my experiences with you: the good, the bad, the funny, and the infuriating. Working as a line cook is not exactly glamorous, but I do it because I love food, and because I’m a bit of a masochist. By now, you’ve probably noticed that my actual name is not on the byline. This allows me to share more insight into my life and work.

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Six Restaurant Openings in Dallas That Get Us Excited About 2014

It’s sad to say goodbye to 2013. ‘Twas a good year in Dallas dining.

We picked Dallas’ 100 best restaurants, our 10 favorite new restaurants, and almost made Nancy work to death. I think she was sick for a good two or three months after those issues came out.

Well, it’s a new year. Cheers to good health, fewer doctors visits, and more reasons to eat out. Here are six of them, in case you couldn’t tell by the title of this post. We’re pretty excited about these restaurants openings in 2014.

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El Corazon de Tejas Revises its Name

Either El Corazon de Tejas is having an identity crisis, or it’s finally getting in touch with its feminine side.

This week, the restaurant rechristened itself as El Corazon Vintage Tex Mex, its second name since a top-to-bottom rebranding was unveiled in February to showcase the Cuellar family’s “progressive” vision of Tex-Mex.

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Bonchon Chicken is Shutting Down For a Few Days, After Being Open For a Week-ish

Bonchon Chicken, the Korean fried chicken place that everyone’s been talking about, has decided to go back to the drawing board. Square one. We wrote about the not-so-hot quality of food on Bonchon’s opening day (officially last Wednesday), but it looks like this chain restaurant has been struggling with quality the entire week since. At least the owners are owning up to the issues and fixing things before they get out of hand. Fist bump. Read on:

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Stephan Pyles Restaurant Will Move Into New Craig Hall Arts Center in Downtown Dallas

At #HallArts groundbreaking @ChefPyles announces @SPrestaurant will move to @DalArtsDistrict in 2015 — Catherine Cuellar (@ccuellar) September 18, 2013 At the Hall Arts Center’s groundbreaking ceremony this morning, which is taking place at the Meyerson Symphony Center right now, Stephan Pyles just announced that he’ll be moving his eponymous restaurant into Craig Hall’s 18-story […]

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Mi Piaci to Replace Ocho Kitchen and Cocktails in Park Cities

The road to Ocho-geddon has been paved for quite some time. At first, its food wasn’t impressive. Next, the owners recruited veteran chef Joel Harloff to change the menu. That still didn’t work. Nancy reported in early June that Ocho closed for renovation and remodeling. She also said, “‘If I was a betting man, and I’m […]

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Village Marquee Texas Bar & Grill to Close and Reopen as Two Restaurants: Village Kitchen and Toko V

Village Marquee Texas Grill & Bar is getting a radical overhaul. The entire space will close at the end of July and reopen in mid-August as two restaurants and a bar. Andre Natera will remain as executive chef. The downstairs will become his baby, Village Kitchen. The room upstairs will be transformed into Toko V, an […]

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People We Love: John Griffing of Dishcrawl Dallas

If you aren’t familiar with Dishcrawl, a food tour concept that started in California, don’t fret. It’s basically a pub crawl, minus all the alcohol. (Well, okay, there’s some booze if you pay extra.) An ambassador leads a group of hungry eaters through a particular neighborhood, and these people restaurant hop and feast for the […]

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Kitchen LTO in Trinity Groves Opens September 3, Announces Chef and Design Winners

Huge bonking news: Kitchen LTO, a permanent pop-up restaurant in Trinity Groves, just announced its winners for the first round of the restaurant’s life. For four months, Norman Grimm will be executive chef of a restaurant that Coeval Studio (John Paul Valverde and Miguel Vicens) is designing. Hey, not a bad combo. Grimm was most recently […]

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Into Shelley’s Belly: 13 Survival Foods You Need in Case There’s Ever an Apocalypse

With the weather getting wackier than a two-handed pirate, it’s high time we discuss the necessity of preparing your food supply in case the big one hits your town. Not to mention that the plausibility of zombie attacks grows every year with instances such as the bath salt addicts, bioengineered viruses displaced by a sloppy-mouthed […]

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Blackfinn American Saloons in Addison and Arlington Are Closed. I Smell Some Stinky Business

I have a pile of emails from unhappy employees of both locations of Blackfinn American Saloon. Sure, people get upset when a business goes under, but people really get angry and type about it when they don’t get  paid. This group of ten people all claim they are owed money by Blackfinn owner Bill McCrorey. […]

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Chef Jon Stevens to Leave Nosh Euro Bistro to Open Stock and Barrel. He Will Contribute to Mico Rodriguez’s New Concept, Mesero Miguel

Nosh Euro Bisto’s executive chef Jon Stevens’ last day at the popular Park Cities and Plano restaurant is Saturday, April 27. He’s leaving Avner Samuel’s kitchen with Samuel’s blessing. Stevens was hired by Samuel in September, 2010 and together they created two locations of Nosh. “We are parting as friends,” Stevens says. Avner and his wife,Celeste, […]

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Reader Reviews: Which Airline Serves the Best Food?

Like I said yesterday, I was stuck in Vancouver because of American Airlines’ system failure on Tuesday, but at least I’d had a good meal on Japan Airlines before I landed in Canada. It helped tide me over. During those waiting hours, I glanced down at my passport and determined that I’ve been to Taiwan […]

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Annoying Restaurant Gimmicks: What’s Your Pet Peeve?

Last night, Urban Taco took its complaints to Twitter in a most amusing tweet: Restaurant pet peeve… Tacos served on a metal Z tray…its just not right! I could name a few… How bout yall? — Urban Taco (@UrbanTaco) February 18, 2013 I’m fairly certain my friend over at Taco Trail has said something similar […]

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Gina’s Organic Kitchen is Closed (For Now)

My attempt to order from Gina’s resulted in four busy signals and one sad email reply. Gina’s Organic Kitchen is closed. The delivery service for gourmet, healthy food started at the end of November last year, and pretty soon after that, I fell in love with owner Gina Villalobos’ airy raspberry chia mousse. It was […]

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